Monday, January 6, 2020

top 50 Unexplained Images in Antarctica(!) Hi Res Satellite Photos with Florida Marquis

I share this because it is a body of work created by a highly trained and experienced pair of eyes using much better resolution than you are necessarily seeing in the images here.

None of his conjectures are valid without ground truth.  What this collection does produce is ample confirmation of a real need for a ground truth survey using a helicopter and observers with cameras for most of the targets.  If you still have something with that, you land and get in there to break rock.

In geology, your only clue is often a subtle change in rock coloration that must be followed up upon.  This leads to identification of rock and mineral types and an experienced geologist. I have done just enough to respect this need and to also understand lazy geologists.  It is way easier to authoritatively pronounce a mountain of limestone than it is to traverse a deep canyon in order to climb up and then repel to a visible outcrop.  Thus missing the Marble deposit.

At least someone is looking and also eliminating vast tracts of ice at the same time from such obvious consideration.  Yet do understand that an abandoned city can be covered with a few feet of ice and snow and become invisible in quite the same way that vast civilizations have disappeared in the Americas and that we are only now unearthing.  Welcome to the absurdity of archeological practice that focuses on a small site..

top 50 Unexplained Images in Antarctica(!)  Hi Res Satellite Photos

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