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This is a useful discussion.  I have certainly encountered individuals who have willfully chosen bad actions and continue to do so even when confronted.

It is difficult enough to run through life without making bad decisions that you are completely conscious of.  A habit of avoidance does not protect you but it minimizes the events.  It is choosing to do so that is strange.

Yet they are out there and we see them as well.  It also appears that we will see a lot more been identified as well.

How this is influenced from the other side remains opaque, not least because no one accepts the other side as a thing in the first instance.



January 6, 20200 


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – Ephesians 6:12, KJV 

There are human beings who have willfully chosen to commit themselves to the lie – to all manner of evil – to depravity and destruction of that which is good. These men and women fight against everything righteous… everything of God. That which God has ordained, that which God has blessed, these dark spirited humans reject. The truth they abhor – it is the lie they predicate all they do upon. They embrace whatever God has condemned. 

I call them human demons. 

We see them mocking the righteous in our society, ridiculing those of virtue who try to accomplish good, obstructing the work of the righteous and speaking falsities against them… while adulating twisted behaviors and applauding and working to help those who persecute the faithful and innocent. We see them blatantly advocating perversity – and doing it so effectively as to make what is healthy and correct be looked down upon – and make that which is sick and false to be praised. We see them expressing hatred against all the beautiful values, traditions and principles of the our nation. We see them advocating for death – death to justice, death to anything praiseworthy of our nation, death to all morality, death to the body, and ultimately death to the soul. 

You may have a human demon in your family. In your class. In your church. We certainly have them in the government. 

From the most heinous criminals to the most abominable politicians – and all in between – the human demon has become ubiquitous. 

For example, many Democrat politicians, heinous murderers, rulers of countries, tyrannical mothers – are human demons. Those entrusted to a position of respect and honor who rely on the people’s unquestioning acceptance that they are sincere in their words such as the clergyman who leads parishioners into false teachings to confuse them into supporting and accepting what God calls evil or the crafty ones in elected office who abuse the respect assumed to them in order to deceive citizens into a false narrative in opposition to his opponent – all are examples of persons who have chosen to turn away from truth to promote the lie. Such human demons rely upon the ignorant believing they must have good motives because of who they are when in reality they use that undeserved trust to their advantage. 


To the discerning, the very physical appearance of human demons becomes obvious – as the body, face, voice all begin to exhibit the ugly decay which has already occurred in the heart. 

The eyes denote the demonic spirit in such human beings first. In the eyes of such human demons many people, even those not particularly aware of such demonic spirits, can be seen either a dead look or an excited (for evil) look. False smiles do not hide the eyes. Neither does anything else they may adorn themselves with physically or through personality. The attractive body of a young woman may entice naive men to become involved with a nightmare of a woman, while the discerning man is turned off by the hard eyes. The facade of a doting mother when in the presence of strangers can deceive neighbors whilst the eyes of the tyrannical bitch strike dread in the woman’s children who are powerless to defend themselves from her evil manipulation and control within the family dynamics. 

The seeming normality of the conventional man who displays prim and proper social skills is betrayed by the heartless eyes. The politician who behaves as he is “supposed to” act, refraining from authenticity and relying upon providing a socially acceptable politically correct form, acting the part the ignorant expect while spewing falsehoods which will advance the Marxist demonic agenda to destroy America. The eyes reveal the heart. Though the eyes cannot hide the evil within, some, many, do not heed this tell-tale sign of disturbance until it is too late. 

Likewise, the voice acquires a falsity to it, a characteristic of many women who gossip, deceive and manipulate. Men’s voices and words become snide, an unnatural effect of the perverse commitment to evil within the heart. 

The perceptive spiritually-aware observer can see these tell-tale signs long before they become blatant to the casual observer. 

After enough years of choosing the life of the lie, the spiritually dark also begin to exhibit evil in their countenance including the very physicality of their bodies. No makeup or surgery on a man or woman can disguise the demon’s appearance any longer, although many spend their money in attempts to disguise the decaying body as it begins to reflect the spiritual rot within outwardly. They become the truest sense of the word ugly. 


Human demons are human beings whose spirit has chosen to place something else above truth. That something else can be anything from ranging from money, career advancement, control, power, politics, herd identity, to belief systems if they choose it at the unjust expense of others. 

Once any other goal is placed above that of truth in a person’s life the dangerous slippery slope begins. 

Placing anything above the truth makes a person crazy. The craziness is a matter of degree, but it happens the moment the truth is replaced by an unwholesome unhealthy desire for a goal which to attain or maintain will exclude the truth when it contradicts the goal. 

Any person who refuses to acknowledge the truth when it contradicts or challenges a preconception will begin to show crazy behavior – in what they write, say, and in how they behave. When you begin to see craziness (irrationality, illogical trains of thought with then preposterous conclusions, ludicrous behavior) in someone it is a warning sign that something much deeper is happening within them. 

On the surface it can begin with simply oddness and strange detachment from reality in their perceptions, evidenced by knee-jerk reactions to circumstances that do not fit the false reality in which they have imprisoned their mind. Extreme and bizarre reactions and interpretations become more frequent. 

Soon the crazy behavior which could once be overlooked becomes so noticeable that others begin to regard them with suspicion – all eventually do so except for those who share the same crazy goals. 

Regardless of their background, education, or expertise, they become a zombie in all respects – devoted to one goal only – promotion of evil. They become so out of touch with reality they do not realize the absurdity to any rational individual of that which they claim, speak and advocate for. 

Regardless of how outlandish, they will proceed to proclaim their falsehoods. The lie becomes their way of life. 

The Types 

Human demons can take any form in our society with the common characteristic they use whatever power they have, great or small, to victimize and destroy whatever is good be it in their family, neighborhood, city, or nation. 

Human demons exist to battle endlessly anyone or any societal value which promotes the good, beautiful, and righteousness. They are anti-American, anti-family, anti-life, anti-God. Anything good and loving within their control becomes that which they attack and persecute. 

Human demons are not restricted to the individuals themselves (as with criminals who commit heinous acts), but also encompass organizations which they seek to control by sheer numbers by banding together. This is, for example, witnessed in churches, educational institutions, social justice groups, media, and politics where they gain control and turn said organization into a tool to influence and to be used by other human demons to promote their agenda. 

No matter the form, they are easily identified by their anti-God stances (while often inciting the name of God although the majority of their actions expose their hypocrisy). They do not merely make mistakes, as all of us do, they are predominately committing evil and promoting evil. Contrast this with the righteous man, who is predominately producing good works, with only the occasional mistake. 

Among human beings – all of whom sin – there are the redeemed – there are the lost – and then there are the human demons who know full well of the truth and they actively reject and work to oppose it using craftiness to appear normal while advocating for every manner of evil over which they have some control. Their goal is always to destroy what is good. 


One of the abilities of human demons is a (relatively speaking) developed ability to deceive. 

The most effective in our world can ensnare millions to accept them as people with good motives while at all times using the power they gain to subvert the sphere they operate in to further erode or ultimately destroy that which was wholesome, good, up-worthy, conducive to freedom and liberty, and life-promoting. Those who have committed themselves to such evil, but who do not have vast social power, will wreak havoc to anyone in their lives – woe to the individual who gets involved with them.
Be it one-on-one or one towards millions, the human demon will do anything which supports its evil agenda. It brings death in some form to all it touches. Death to morality, righteousness, justice, health, and ultimately death of the spirit and body. 


A true Christian (one who seeks mindfully to evince God’s will in the actions he takes) is the one most apt to identify human demons in their midst. This is because human demons only speak in terms of humanism – the placing of the human mind and condition as the measure of what is right and wrong to determine whatever is expedient to that human being without regard to God. Although the human demon may use the terminology of a Christian, speaking of prayer and love and God, his actions will always result in destruction, suffering, and death, thus revealing the actual motivator or source of it – Satan. 

The lip service they give to God is merely part of the act. 

They seek to attain greatness apart from God, but will readily use the name of God to deceive the unaware. They wrap their disputes in the cloak of the very words a believer uses – but that cannot entice the faithful – but it does deceive the ignorant, the stupid, and those who -like themselves- want to appear to be good without being good. 

A clear indicator of a human demon is the immediate anger they display when identified – challenge their proclaimed belief in God – and they respond in most un-Godly ways…challenge their prayer life – and the anger is not concealed because you are challenging one of the primary declarations they use to deceive. They may even believe that their twisted evil stances in one part of life are inconsequential to their religious life, this is why when someone points out their hypocrisy or expresses doubt of their sincerity – they react in ways a person of true faith would not. When a sincere believer’s faith is questioned by another, he need not and does not get angry. He knows he is saved, and that he is endeavoring to live righteously; he does not let stupid words of a human being upset him because he knows he has no reason to defend his faith to a mere human. Contrast this with the disturbance seen in human demons when their profession of Christianity is questioned… one sees anger straight from their demonic personality because it hates to be revealed. The human demon relies upon most people being politically correct and thus never calling its faith into question – it needs its lies of being a believer of God when all it does belies its true nature and its true lord. 


Like Satan and the other fallen angels (demons) who refused to abide in God’s will, human demons have also made a conscious choice against God. Revolting against all which is wholesome, beautiful, and life-enhancing, human demons have set themselves definitively against God and God’s followers.
These are the same who speak of “tolerance” while attempting to silence and punish men of faith in society – using both public/societal ridicule — as well as attempting to use the law itself to persecute and prohibit the expression of and devotion to God. 

An individual who seeks to do what is right before God is the sworn enemy of the human demon. 

Wherever a human demon encounters those of us who seek to abide by God’s word, he will become enraged and use whatever power it has (be it gossip among a neighborhood, spitefulness between family members, clandestine or outward assaults, or if in government – its coercive power to obstruct anything positive and will promote policy which results in suffering). 

In Proverbs 29:27 (KJV) we are told, “An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.” 

Human demons wake each day only to fulfill a diabolical agenda in whatever arena of human beings they operate. To the degree they will encounter those who are fundamentally their opposite, they will do all they can to attack, discredit, and stop them. This is why the believer in Christ needs to wake each day, putting on the armor of God. 

People can go astray, be off the right path, without becoming a demon. It is a matter of what the prevailing dominant controlling factor is – and that is always evidenced by what the preponderance of behavior indicates. To know within the heart what is true and to say and do otherwise is a conscious choice to rebel against God. 

Willful disobedience to God will not be overlooked in Judgement; in fact, I suspect that it is those who proclaim to do their evil in the name of God or cloaked in vague God/religious-like terminology who may be those spoken of in the Bible as committing the unpardonable sin. 

An example: To speak of being prayerful or otherwise displaying religiosity while condoning the murder of babies in this country is an outright abomination which I believe is indicative of a human demon. Into this category fall many politicians. 

Whether these persons were born with such an evil spirit or if they chose to willfully reject God in this life and subsequently became the evil spirit or whether they are influenced/if not possessed by an evil spirit, I do not know. 

We are told, “The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies,” (Psalm 58:3, KJV). 

Whenever the willful choosing to rebel against God happens, I believe every human demon is personally culpable for such a serious moral decision. Its origin is an interesting question, though irrelevant to what is most important – that we who are children of God identify and reject them for the spiritual abominations to God they are. 

Human demons must only be dealt with from the greater strength of righteous indignation and a greater emotional and physical might when necessary. To begin to think human demons can be reasoned with is a mighty mistake as such erroneous thought leads the righteous into situations that allow the evil ones to further deceive and gain strength. To engage in the humanistic idea that all people want the same thing – peace – is false. We do not all seek peace, some on this earth want power at the expense of others and will stop at nothing to gain and maintain it. It is those who must be dealt with only with a “peace through strength” position. 

Any human being who commits more evil than good is one who has chosen Satan as their father. We all sin, however, there is a point, I believe, where the conscious will chooses to welcome in demonic behavior to such a degree the human being becomes something akin to if not a demon itself. On this earth, there are children of God and children of Satan. Those who devote their lives to wickedness are children of Satan. 

What do we do? 

Identify them as such. Identification calls attention to their evil deeds and reminds other believers this is a spiritual battle not merely a philosophical disagreement. 

If you do not identify the human demons, who will? 

It is imperative to recognize, and once identified, to then purge the person from your life if possible. If not possible, minimize contact with them. For example, in personal relationships among acquaintances or family members, there is no reason to willingly maintain that person who does only evil in your life. It matters not what relationship that person has to you – if you as a spirit-filled Christian, recognize the evil is too great then stop associating with them. Your first duty is to love – God – yourself – and others – and it is not loving of God, yourself, or another person to permit an evildoer in your life as doing so validates their behavior, gives them no reason to ever question themselves if they receive no consequences, and harms your well-being as you should not be subjected to their lies and manipulation. Many human demons perpetrate untold suffering upon people in their lives simply because so many are weaklings who permit them to remain in their lives versus having nothing ever to do with them again. 

Likewise, in the political arena, we must stand against them by publicly identifying them for what they are – outright opponents of God and all that which is good and righteous. We must not, as the humanists do, believe for one moment they seek the same goals for humanity or our country – they seek only destruction. Recognizing this makes one powerful as they wage the seemingly political battle which is in actuality a spiritual battle between good and evil. 

We, I believe, can also call to God to stop our enemies. We let our grievances caused by evildoers be known and that we implore Him to put a stop to them. In Luke 18 (7-8, KJV), Jesus says, “And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily.” 

Be it on the personal level – the societal – the national and international – we must always stand strong against the human demons. We must never fear them, to accomplish God’s work, we must remember, “…God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7, KJV) and we are to use these gifts to do God’s work and that entails fighting Satan and all his human minions to stop evil. 

Consider the appeal of David to God regarding evildoers, “Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts. Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours: give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert. Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up. Blessed be the Lord, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications,” (Psalm 28:3-6, KJV). 

Self-defense is justified to protect the innocent from the evil human demons do. But in this, we must be mindful of not allowing our righteous indignation to become vengeance. Vengeance is reserved for God and His wrath will come upon the human demons. On the personal level, you can stop associating, on the larger arena of human interaction it is the government which exacts justice, for in the council of many wisdom is found and this is the reason God has instituted human authority (government) so that individually we (who were harmed) do not have to decide the proper force to be used (as we might be subject to emotionalism due to the harm perpetrated on us or those we love). The government’s job when righteous is to stop evildoers who would harm the innocent. This is important to remember – we must not take matters into our own hands to any degree to exact revenge. If not a grievance justifying government intervention- if on the personal level – an individual need only disassociate (serious problems and tragedies occur when a good person knowingly continues to relate to one who is evil). 

Human demons have chosen to willfully oppose God’s righteous values and to oppose all who are doing righteous works. Their frequent reliance upon falsely identifying themselves as Christians fools some, but not those filled with the Holy Spirit – for we see through their social and religious facades and view the ugly demonic nature of what inhabits that human being and in doing so are prepared spiritually to reject it. We are not beguiled by their reasonable-sounding words, we see their heart from the actions they have done, and thus are the strongest against their lies and do not tolerate or accept them as mere people with different ideas. We recognize them for what they are. 

I believe human demons – whatever their spiritual state and fate – should be identified by believers for in doing so it keeps your mind and emotions straight about what they are and you come to the situation with the spiritual armor necessary – not merely your mind which otherwise can be confused by their deceit. We are not to do as the non-believers do and tolerate their evil, at the very least we must identify it and reject them from our lives. And when justified, as in self-defense of the body, do more than identify – we also seek to stop it righteously. The “turn the other cheek” teaching did not refer to physical threats but to mere insults or relatively small slights, based on my study of the Bible it is was not a call to pacifism. It was a call to lovingly not retaliate when a slight need not be responded to, for that which goes beyond that to degrees of evil violating the essence of God’s commands to us – the work of human demons – is the very type of behavior God abhors as we also must as his followers. 

For example, Peter did not decide to only pray for Simon the magician who sought to have the power of healing of the Holy Spirit by paying money for it, no, Peter spoke to him directly and boldly saying, “Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity,” (Acts 8:15-23, KJV). To rightly identify an evil person is righteous. In this case, Simon immediately appears to repent and fears that without prayer before God he will suffer consequences. 

God is not a pacifist when it comes to evil – neither should we be. God does not tolerate evil – neither should we. God does not mince words in identifying the evil ones – neither should we. 

Purge human demons from your life for own well-being, support the righteous might of authority when it is used against human demons in this world, and never be tempted to regard anyone who has committed their lives to the lie as anything but a human demon. 

The human demons may appear to get away with their evil for a time, but in the end, they will be held accountable by God for the habitual wickedness they committed against people and their country.

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