Monday, August 12, 2019

The World Population Is Topping Off

 The projected growth for Africa is absurd and assumes present birth rates are even slightly sustainable when they are not.  It will actually roll over during the next two decades as bith rate drop fall to the levels brought on be modernity.

Full global modernity will be achieved by 2050.

Countering all this will be a steady decline in death rates and the application of age reversing technology which will allow a sustainable birth rate to be established globally.   This will be well under way by 2050 as well.

Way more important though is that the protocols used for ending poverty will also strongly promote a major growth in population after we establish sustained lives operating in prime condition.  Such a population then can grow freely to land based levels of over 100,000,000,000 over the next few thousands of years, or much quicker if we decide it is necessary.

The World Population Is Topping Off

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 07:35

The world population is expected to grow to roughly 11 billion by 2100, a new report from the United Nations estimates.

However, as Statista's Sarah Feldman, despite that huge number, many regions in the world are forecasted to have slowing population growth. Population growth in Asia and Oceania is expected to start to decelerate in 2070. Nearly a decade before that, Europe is estimated to be the first region where demographers anticipate the population will start declining. North America is forecasted to follow directly behind Europe, with the population beginning to shrink by 2065.

In fact, by 2050 a quarter of the people living in Europe or North America are estimated to be 65 and over.

While many other regions of the world will have slowing or stabilizing population growth, Africa is projected to continue at a steady pace for the rest of the century, with an end of century population of around 491 million. Outside of Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa will drive a large part of the whole world’s population growth.

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