Monday, August 5, 2019

England: Knife Crime Hits New Record High

Turns out that importing violent people is a bad idea and that this ramps up the violence from indigenous gangs in particular.
Bye the bye, possession of a knife really needs to be properly thought out and certainly needs to be placed on the same level as a fire arm of any kind. In fact a knife is used in close contact and is a killing and cutting tool.
It is a lousy defensive tool, because you will only use it in extremis and it forces you to close if you want to survive.  If you can stand off, you can run.  A firearm allows you to back off.
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England: Knife Crime Hits New Record High

Because everyone is terrified of addressing the real causes

Paul Joseph Watson

July 17, 2019

Knife crime has hit a new record high in England and Wales, rising 8% on the previous year new figures show.

“The figures for police-recorded crime revealed there were 43,516 police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument, which is the highest since comparable records began in 2011,” reports Sky News.

As I have relentlessly argued, the causes of this epidemic are easily identifiable.

The scaling back of “stop and search” because it’s “racist”.

– The ongoing emasculation of UK police forces who are being trained that mean words and ‘hate crime’ is more important than people dying.

– Fatherless black homes.

– UK street gangs becoming more violent to compete with immigrants from countries like Congo and Somalia.

– The ongoing mass importation of people from violent countries in general.

– Drill rap music that encourages young people to commit murder.

– Political leaders like Sadiq Khan refusing to even admit there’s a problem to protect their own pathetic legacies.

But instead of addressing any of these issues, the political establishment meekly argues that the lack of “youth clubs” for young people and racist police officers are the source of the problem.

Until that politically correct myopia ends, the carnage will continue.

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