The coroner has ruled suicide by hanging. His written report as posted makes this a low probability choice.  In fact it is absurd.

The injuries conform to been strangled by a very strong chap.  The collateral circumstances all conform to this scenario.  So on the face of available circumstantial evidence he was set up for extermination by those within the prison itself.

That is the highest present probability.

There still remains a real non zero probability that this is an in house narrative set up to hide the fact he has been extracted into protective custody.  We have at least two other similar prospects as well in which important witnesses died unusually that was a step ahead of potential assassinations.

Certainly nobody believes this is a suicide.  The method described is impossible and even laughable.  They are making sure we do not believe it is a suicide.

One more thing here.  The real coroner's report is murder and it is been held back.  otherwise he has publicaly disgraced himself. This would not happen except in expectation of exoneration..

Jeffrey Epstein death ruled 'suicide by hanging'
  • 16 August 2019