Monday, August 19, 2019

Bison documentary

This video reports on the continuing development of the North American Bison herds.  Back breeding has been able to improve disease resistance in particular.  We can thus expect Marcellus to be slowly winkled out of the herds and this also shows a way forward for the wild elk herds as well.

We do need to apply managed husbandry to all these wild herds in order to reverse the damage caused by the advent of Eurasian pathogens.

Otherwise the news is excellent.  We have herd stability and a clear path forward to major range recovery as well. 

All these animals are completely amenable to herd management once you separate out the males into separate paddocks and protect from predators.  We do exactly that with cattle for exactly the same reason.

Thus managing a mixed herd is a reasonable proposition as it mirrors the natural stocking. .. 

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