Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Draft Is Coming

What we need is a universal draft for all men and women who complete grade twelve. Deferments should include four month training sessions for every two terms taken in school.  After saying all that, what we do not need is military training beyond basic training.   The military can easily find recruits from each cohort so their problem is solved as a result.

What really matters is post basic training and application.  Many will actually need to repeat the program in order to bring their physical strength up to the necessary levels.  Others can be channeled into trade training and equipment management in particular..  Agricultural support work and forestry support are also options.  What comes out of this is plenty of well trained and physically healthy young citizens who can immediately contribute to the general work force.

Such a draft should likely span a year. The physical fitness boost will then be complete and potentially self sustainable.  It is also not such a long time that the edge comes off academic skills and such a person could then be completely motivated and have earned mature status as student...

The Draft Is Coming

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 11:52.

The draft is coming. It is needed to support the upcoming war. When attempts to boost the military by lowering the enlistment age to 16 fails, the draft will follow. Are you ready?


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