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Ten Things I Hate About Being Psychic


This has woken me up to understand that psychics can be trained and even need to be properly trained..  At the moment, all are self trained using all sorts of rationals.  This cannot be helpful.

 Training can accomplish a great deal.  

First all learn to master automatic writing.  With that base in place, you study the art of asking questions.  It is necessary to identify informants.

Better yet it is important to ask for skill development advice as well.  This way you have an extensive portfolio of advisories to review and integrate.

With these skills well honed, working with a client becomes completely different.  Better yet it becomes possible to vet the suitability of a particular client first and this is important.

This all quickly turns this art into a real empirical science with clear guidelines and known successful protocols.

Who would ever have thought this was possible?


Ten Things I Hate About Being Psychic

Frank Andrews is one of New York’s most famous and well-respected psychics.

For 51 years he’s given readings to people like John Lennon, Grace Kelly (yes, he warned them), and even the Dalai Lama. Monster Children dropped by Frank’s Nolita townhouse back in Issue 40 to play fetch with his Australian Kelpie, enjoy a nice cup of tea, and find out about the suckier side of the crystal ball.

Unhappy Endings

I think the worst part of being a psychic is when people come to me and they don’t have a happy ending. For instance, they might be in the fourth stage of cancer, or there’s the young man who has Aids and he’s hoping I’m going to say there’s a cure coming soon. In fact when Aids (first appeared) all the gay guys never came back because they didn’t want to know. The unhappy endings are the hardest readings.

Relentless phone calls

The second thing about the job is the people that call all the time. One lady holds the record: she called 28 times in a single day asking questions. Sometimes it’s okay if it’s really important. But someone called the other day and said, ‘One of my neighbours, their dog keeps pooping on my lawn; can you tell which dog it is?’

Comments about height

Sometimes when people see me on television and then they come see me, I’ll open the door and they’ll look at me and say, ‘Oh, you’re so short.’ And I say, ‘Well, I’m not a movie star!’ Actually, that’s funny because a lot of movie stars are really short. I met Robert Redford once for dinner—a friend of mine did the film The Legend of Bagger Vance—and Robert Redford was my height (pretty short-Ed).

The Internet

I put my (contact details) on the net and then that day I think I got about 1000 hits. They look up ‘psychic’ now and my name will pop up. And then I get these messages like, ‘Will I ever get married?’ and ‘Will ever this or that.’ I can’t do that! So, yeah, forget the Internet.

The Hanged Man

This is a big one. Some people are stuck, in other words they can’t get out of the problem and I can’t find an answer. Like, ‘I don’t have a job, I don’t have anyone in my life,’ and I don’t see for them a job in their future, I don’t see a love interest. We can call this one The Hanged Man. There’s a (Tarot) card called The Hanged Man, and when I wrote my column for the New York Post a lot of prisoners would write to me from jail, and when I did their cards they always got the Hanged Man because they were in a state of suspension; they were waiting for Godot.

Too many lovers

This is another one that makes my job difficult. For example, when someone comes to me and they have three girlfriends going—I can’t read them properly, there’re too many people in the story.
People who want everything to happen tomorrow

People don’t want to hear about time. Like, ‘How long will my marriage last? How long before I get that job?’ And they can’t handle, or don’t want to hear about, great lengths of time. I remember a woman came to see me and I predicted that she’d meet a man. I said, I see a guy, he wears a cowboy hat and he has boots and he has a gun. And she used to call me every three months and say, ‘I didn’t meet him! I didn’t meet him!’ And it became a joke between us. Then finally I ran into her on the street and she’d met the guy, a Texan, and she’d married him… 18 years later!


I don’t like it when people come to see me and they’re late. They don’t realize it’s hard to do this. It’s like I’m ready for the operation, I’m ready to go out there, and all of a sudden—where are they? They’re not here yet. So when they come in a half-hour late I won’t do it, I can’t do it. Let’s just say you’re going to an audition. You’re all suited up, you’ve got the song, you’re all set to go and then the guy says, ‘Listen, the director won’t be here for another hour.’ It’s such a letdown! How do you stay in the zone?


The other thing about this job is I have to take a nap now after I finish. If I’ve had one reading or two readings or three—and it doesn’t matter if the readings are good, if they go, ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and ‘how did you know that?’—when I’m finished I have to have a nap. It wasn’t like this before, but I’m getting older and it’s beginning to make me tired.

Journalists who try to get free readings

(Frank didn’t actually say this, but I’m sure it’s in his top ten.)

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Ken Sutter said...

I acquired "the gift" way back in May 1970 and I didn't even know it. But once returned home it became a real problem. I could finish other people sentences. I knew what they were thinking before they thought it. I could see right through them, to their core and knew the real person, not the fake one in front of me. But the biggest thing was how people really are caught up in this great volume of trivia they think is SO important. I couldn't believe their thoughts. Their self talk. On and on about trivia.
You never really get used to it. Its there all the time so I had to learn to ignore it except when I wanted to use it. Which isn't easy to do. So I use it in my work but that's about it. I just don't listen to it outside of work.
No, I never gave any "readings" except in a general way and back in 2013 I acquired the ability to know when they're going to die. And again "No" I don't share that information with anyone, not even the individual.
So this psychic world everyone thinks is so enlightening and desirable to have sucks. It isolates you from the rest of society, making a social life impossible. You can't be lied to and know the individual better than he knows himself. How to turn it OFF becomes a major factor in your life.
I thank God for web sites like this that has many others on it that are NOT stuck in the lower levels of existence. I know that sounds egocentric but life was much easier before I acquired these abilities.