Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dead Epstein Meme

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This ends this cleanly.  He is dead.  How it happened is unclear and the stories will likely keep changing for a while until everyone comes cleans or is proven to be lying.  We may have seen some of that already.

We can dismiss an actual extraction now.

What is completely clear now is that he loses any further influence over the general narrative itself while all who associated with him have their reputations clouded.  He also can no longer pay bribes so those who did his bidding have a potential free hand to turn state evidence.. 

Dead Epstein Meme 

Written by Donna Hancock  

Date: 08-14-2019 Subject: Memes... 
Just stop it with this body double conspiracy. There's a meme floating around (and in the comments) that alleges the face in the photo of Epstein's dead body doesn't match older photos of him. The outline of his nose and ear look different in the meme because he's wearing a neck brace that crushes the bottom of his ear in his death photo, and the faces are at slightly different angles, so if you use his distorted ear lobe as the rotational axis the nose doesn't line up. It's also worth pointing out that the dead photo is left side of his face, but the only available profiles of him alive are the right side of his face, so meme creator reversed the image. If you actually sync them using the stable anchors of the face, like the center of the ear, and the crook of the eye socket, it lines up just fine. The greatest discrepancy is the curvature of the bridge of his nose at death, and the straightness of his nose in the photo, but if you add another photo from not quite so long ago it's clear that the curvature of his nose has increased over time, as can happen. Further, the photo from the meme is lit from a different angle, making the structures of the ear look slightly different when they are not. The middle photo is lit closer to the death photo, so you can see the structure of his ear under the same shading. His ears are actually pretty unique, and recognizable in all three for these photos once they're lined up properly. Also the bags under his eyes have a distinctive ridge you can see get worse over time. It's him. He's dead.

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