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The Mental Plane

Something of interest here is the perception that the double helix acts as the two way channel from the Greater? spirit and the spirit of the body.

This is important new knowledge and is potentially useful.  We already had the concept of a silver string.

Our imagery is becoming richer and what we need to grasp is that information transfer is in the form of photons. These are two dimensional ribbons that are typically closed loops.


The mental plane is often depicted as being above the causal plane, but both are really aspects of the same realm of the mind. What we call the mental plane is simply the higher aspect of the mind - the region of pure thought - as distinguished from the lower mind which is associated with our past and future experiences. Because the mental plane is the highest level of existence conceivable to the human mind, it is often regarded as the ultimate spiritual realm and the true home of God. 

Growing up a Christian in the Lutheran church, 
I was taught to believe that God is up there somewhere in heaven watching everything, rewarding good behavior and punishing bad  deeds. Leading a good Christian life would result in a place in heaven at His side in the afterlife, made possible by the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ. Like many doctrines of the major religions, the belief in good and evil, sin and redemption, God and Satan, etc., is based on mental concepts. Therefore, religious beliefs such as the supremacy of good over evil place that religion's heaven on the mental plane. (This is not to say individual members of major religions haven't  transcended these doctrines and achieved higher states.)

Disaffected with the Christian teachings, I left the church  at 16 and became an atheist. I decided to hew to the  secular belief that nothing was real or acceptable unless  it could be measured and proven with scientific methods. 

I knew there was scientific proof for electro-chemical activity going on in my brain cells, stimulating thought and emotion, and that there were immutable laws of physics and mathematics which all reality is based on. What I didn't see at the time was that I was still placing my "heaven," or my idea of the source of all creation, on the mental plane. Whether I saw it religiously as the abode of God who loved me but judged me according to accepted norms of good and evil, or scientifically as the origin of the laws of physics, mathematics,  evolution, etc., I continued to revere the mental plane. I regarded the mental plane as the ultimate  because I didn't know any better and also because it made me feel good. The belief that the mental state is the highest comforted me because I felt I could understand reality and make sense of it logically, providing assurance that I knew the mechanics of creation and had a measure of control over them. 

However, when I stumbled across the teachings of Light and Sound I came to realize the mental plane is not the ultimate source of creation. I learned it is merely the highest level of the lower worlds -- the top of the realm of duality. In my subsequent studies I heard that the mental plane is associated with the color blue, and that it is the region of pure thought. 

But what did it actually look like? Was it a nebulous, bluish world where thoughts mysteriously coalesced out of the swirling ether to take on shape and meaning? 

At first I thought so, but then I did a spiritual exercise in which I projected myself above my head and looked down on my thoughts. I saw them flowing through my mind like a broad, stately river. It made me realize the "stream" of thoughts is the conduit of Divine Spirit flowing into the lower worlds from the higher worlds. 

The mental plane, with its concepts, laws, opposites, etc., provides the mechanism by which Spirit splits into duality and flows into the lower worlds. Given the mental plane's proximity to the act of creation, it was no wonder I had originally thought of it as the ultimate heaven.

Further studies revealed that the mechanics of creation in our own individual universe are that we, as Soul, contact energy fields, or matrices, on the mental plane by directing our attention to them, i.e. "thinking" of them. The flow of Spirit channeled by Soul's attention imbues the matrices with additional energy in direct proportion to how long and how intensely we focus on them, regardless of whether the thoughts are positive or negative. Any strongly held thought or belief becomes a dense energy field that attracts more energy, similar to gravity or magnetism. 

This additional energy is mostly supplied by us and others 
via imagination and feeling. We "picture" what we're thinking about, and we attach feelings to our thoughts and beliefs. At that point the energy field grows dense enough to where it becomes visible, or "manifested" on the astral plane. If we continue long enough, and/or intensely enough, to add energy to the matrix with our thoughts and feelings, the energy field's increased density makes it manifest in our life on the physical plane as matter or action. With the physical plane being the densest state with the highest proportion of matter vs Spirit, it usually takes relatively huge amounts of energy to make a thought or image manifest as physical reality. This inertia is why there is often a lengthy time lag between the inception of a thought and its manifestation in the physical, if it happens at all.

Besides inertia, there are any number of reasons why our thoughts and imaginings may never manifest in the physical. Competition from opposing desires of others who share our living space could be one. We exist within a set of agreements we call our family, community, country, planet, and plane, and if what we desire requires a change in one or more of these agreements, manifesting our wants could take more energy than we alone can muster. Another reason is that we often work at cross-purposes with our- selves. We consciously want one thing and subconsciously create something else because of fear or feelings of low self-worth, etc. Only when we bring all our energies in alignment can manifesting wishes seem effortless.

Trying to manifest ideas or desires from the human consciousness can also be 
frustrating because we don't always know what all the ramifications of manifesting our desires might be. There could be some decidedly negative consequences we didn't think about. I believe it is for the latter reasons that progress on the spiritual path beyond the mental plane always involves giving up the desire to manifest things from the human state. Instead, we learn to surrender our creatie capacity to a higher state that can know all the ramifications, whether we call it our higher self, the Inner Master, Spirit, Divine Guidance, etc. (More on the higher self on the soul plane page.)

After learning all this, the question still remained in my mind: what  about those electro-chemical reactions in my brain? If the act of  creation in our lives is facilitated by this flow of force (or this aggregation of energy) from the Soul state to the physical state, what  about the reverse? Does not the condition of our physical body often  influence our feelings, and our feelings influence our thoughts, and our  thoughts in turn determine where we, as Soul, direct our attention?

I took this question into contemplation, and in response the master showed me a giant double helix made out of light. One strand of the helix represented the downward flow of Spirit from the higher worlds, and the other the reverse flow of force from the lowest world to the highest. 

The flows were intertwined and connected at all points. 

My interpretation of this symbol was that we are indeed subject to a reverse flow of energy where each lower plane or body influences the one above it. It is no accident that the DNA of living beings looks like a double helix. We are creations and representatives of this dual flow, to the point where the core of each of our cells reflects this symbol in its double helix shape. 


The concept of "flow" in creation cannot be overemphasized. 

Everything is based on flow. In the physical, blood flows in our veins, food and drink and oxygen flow into the body while waste and sweat and nitrogen flow out. Another way of saying it is, energy flows into the body in one form and flows back out in some other form. If any of these flows are interrupted for significant periods of time, the body dies. If any of these flows are significantly out of balance or of poor quality, our health suffers. On the astral plane, energy flows through us in the form of feelings and pictures. Again, if this flow is out of balance, we'll have emotional problems which eventually influence our physical state of being as well. "Out of balance" in the astral can mean being either overly emotional or being emotionally repressed. It can also mean going too far on the As mentioned above, on the mental plane we experience this flow as a stream of thoughts. 

Thoughts flow into our mind - whether from Spirit or from other sources - and normally flow back out in some rational form. We know that when people are mentally unbalanced the symptoms may range from mild delusions to full-blown schizophrenia. However, we can also be mentally unbalanced by refusing to accept any new or different thoughts, or by being too attached to a particular idea or set of thoughts (which is really the same thing). One only has to watch people heatedly discussing politics or religion to understand attachment to a set of ideas. Attachment interrupts the flow. One has to let go of one set of thoughts to allow another set to come in. This doesn't mean that one can't hold specific views, but detachment means not to hold them to the exclusion of others. Thoughts, doctrines, ideas, etc., are not truths in themselves; they're just different ways of looking at things.

Last but not least, Spirit flows unceasingly from the divine source to sustain all existence in the lower and higher worlds. For more on the higher worlds, click on the next page, the soul plane page.

On the macrocosmic side, I haven't had many experiences on the mental plane, but in his book "The Tiger's Fang" Paul Twitchell speaks of Mer Kailash as the major city, with the foremost Golden  Wisdom Temple named Namayatan.

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