Tuesday, October 30, 2018

You Are The Key – A Message From Psilocybin Mushrooms

 Spiritual awakening is simply understanding the reality of spiritual content. Expanding from that takes effort and time most of all.  But it starts there. 

The other aspect that has not been understood except through me is that spirit itself is physical and has an information density many magnitudes greater our perceived physical presence.  We have grossly underestimated the significance of spirit.

Then understand that plant spirits exist holding the image of man and are many and universal.  We know of the Green Man who represents an oak grove and empowers those trees, each of whom is an aspect of the Green Man.

Mushrooms do exactly the same and thus are able to also communicate directly with us.

These communication are positive enough and sometimes not overly significant.  Their significance is in their apparent novelty...

You Are The Key – A Message From Psilocybin Mushrooms

October 17th, 2018


The world is waking up.

More and more of us around the globe are coming to the realization that there’s so much more to our lives than the ones we are currently leading. As we are going through our spiritual awakening, and as the layers of falsity and illusions of lack, fear and victimhood are being peeled off one by one, the healing and expansion journey of awakening allows us to return to our original state – the state of wholeness.
For many, there is a deep yearning, even if the way isn’t clear, to participate in the expansion and evolution of global consciousness by advocating for human rights, creating sustainable and ecological ways of living, healing the minds and hearts of others, and inspiring others to lead more empowered and awakened lives.

I am one of them.

I work regularly with sacred plant medicine. It is apparent that the plant spirits, or, the plant teachers as I call them have long been participating in the global paradigm shift. As more on this planet are tuning into the incredibly healing power of plant medicine, the plant teachers are more than eager to empower humanity to heal, transform, and awaken to the truth of our existence.
The following messages were transmitted during my last psilocybin ceremony, and I was asked to transcribe and share them with as many awakened/awakening beings as I can in this world. They’ve only been through a process of minor editing.
It is my hope that as the powerful energy behind these words is stirring something deep within your soul, that you will find the courage, insights, and perhaps, the remembrance of Who You Truly Are to rise to your truth, greatness and leadership, and allow yourself to finally embrace the fullest and highest expression of your soul on earth.
You Are the Key

Each person came into this body with something unique to contribute to humanity, to the rising of global consciousness, and to making the world a more harmonious place. Each person on earth has chosen that, but not all will awaken to that in this lifetime as the collective unconscious programming of fear, lack, scarcity and separation keeps the majority population asleep in their daily problems, insecurities, and disempowering mental chatter.
There are three steps for you to rise to your greatness with this important knowing: you are the key.
You are the key.
You are the way.
You are the answer.
Each being came into this body as a set of keycodes which manifests as an unique personal vibrational signature that is here to contribute to the global awakening, as well as the construction of a new paradigm and collective reality that supports the well-being of every human and living organism on earth, and the earth mother herself.
That’s right! You, me, and all of us each contains the power to end hunger, oppression, violence, war, prejudice, pollution, competition, separation, and ignorance if we allow our keycodes to be activated.
To do that, you must say yes to the following three things:
1. Remember How Important You Are
There is a global epidemic of “I am not good or worthy enough to…” right now.
Low self-worth is a deep-seated and unconscious programming that has affected just about every being on earth, and it is one of the primary reasons that stops so many from ever reaching their highest divine potential in this lifetime.
The false belief of insignificance then instills guilt, shame, fear, and doubt into your mind every time when you desire to move closer to embracing something that excites you which results in a self-sabotaging thought of “I can’t do this right now because…”
Of course, the thought that you can’t do anything is a complete, blatant lie. You are Source Energy having a human experience, and there is nothing you cannot be, do, or create in this lifetime if you are willing to powerfully show up!
The truth is, your highest possible destiny is also tied to the highest possible destiny of humanity. It is no mere coincidence that your soul chose this precise set of talents, gifts and experiences, and your unique vibrational signature for you to share with the world, and the only way you can harness the power behind your key codes is for you to first choose to acknowledge your importance and honor your infinite worth which is 100% an inside job.
2. Celebrate Your Essence
Have you wondered why adults cannot stop celebrating babies, and it’s so easy to get pulled into their giggles and joy?
Babies are so fully expressed because they have not yet been conditioned by the heavy teachings called shame, fear and limitations from earth school.
We are all children at heart, and each of us desires to be seen, heard, loved, appreciated, and celebrated, yet most of us do not allow ourselves to be seen, heard, loved, appreciated, and celebrated.
We truly are here to shine.
Perhaps you feel you need to take one more course, find the love of your life, or get all your ducks in a row in order to celebrate who you are, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Right at this moment, there is something you have that can touch and inspire others, and lift them higher. What the world really needs is your fully expressed energy: your true, raw, and authentic energy exactly where it is right now; and that includes your heartbreaks, your failures, your vulnerabilities, your persistence, your courage, most importantly, your experiences from your very unique perspective that can only come from you.
To be fully expressed and to celebrate your essence means to allow yourself to embrace all the bits and pieces that you have been trying to hide from others and from yourself.
It means for you to find joy and celebration in who you are, exactly wherever you are right now.
It means to shine the light of love on every quirky habit, every shameful memory of the past, and every unique attribute you have been attempting to hold back.
It also means for you to become the living and breathing version of the true you without all the masks, in this moment in time.
When you open your heart and stand in your full glory just as you are, you are transmitting your powerful codes to others and sharing your gifts while giving them permission to do the same.
3. Co-creation, Collaboration, and Conscious Community-Building
To shift the existing paradigm is a collective job. We need each other. This is the time for us to say goodbye to competition and individualism as we are here to build each other up, to promote each other’s work, to create projects that benefit all, and to stand by each other.

The essence of conscious community building is for all of us to pool our talents, gifts, and passions together, and create a conscious and sustainable global community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, participate, and receive.
No one needs to compete with anyone for anything because we live in an infinitely abundant universe whereas there is enough for everyone and then some! Instead, the most powerful way to create a new reality is to create it together because each of us is a key. When all the keys come together and weave our individual magic into this tapestry called human existence, collective magic happens.
The only way the new earth can be created is through conscious collaboration that is built on love, compassion, choice, truth, and actions that allow us to mutually support each other to create more life while honoring the lives of all.
Wherever you are in life, whether you are already in the process of global conscious community building and contributing to this world as a light leader, or you are allowing yourself to let go of beliefs, people and circumstances that no longer serve you, know that you always have a choice right at this moment.
The choice of giving yourself permission to be fully expressed and celebrating who you are every day.
The choice of saying yes to your highest truth and expansion, and your divine potential.
The choice of healing your past, remembering the truth of who you are, and returning to your wholeness.
The choice of magnetizing the soul-aligned and soul-contracted friends, collaborators and mentors into your life to help you say yes, create clarity, and take charge of your destiny (and if you are in the process of raising collective consciousness and community building, I’d love to hear from you! This is a job that requires collective effort and talents from all of us!)
The choice of seeing yourself as the magnificent, powerful and sacred being that you already are.
Your highest level of creation, contribution, and transformation can only come from you showing up at your highest level.
You are the key.
If you work with plant medicine, and are seeking to process and integrate the teachings of the sacred plants so you can create the next chapter of your life with clarity, vision and alignment, I invite you to download my free gift to help you thrive after ayahuasca (or any other plant medicine) here.

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