Friday, October 12, 2018

Two Pterodactyls Observed in Northern Wisconsin


He did observe the head crest and a forty foot wingspan.  He is not the only one and in Wisconsen as well. I would have liked to have more from him but focusing on the 'snorkle' is good enough.  It was a clear identification.

As i have posted in the past, i do suspect that these creatures are successful fishers feeding in the thousands of lakes in Wisconsin.  They are also decidedly nocturnal as well and may avoid sunlight on their skins.  That so called crest could even be a snorkle allowing them to hole up in a mass of reeds and to stay underwater during the daytime.

They do exist in New Guinea as well in a smaller form called the Ropan and that has attracted plenty of search effort..


Two Pterodactyls Observed in Northern Wisconsin

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kevin in Wisconsin called in to tell of his creature sighting:

“Two years ago, on October 4, 2011, I was coming home from the Twin Cities. I live in northern Wisconsin. It was 2:30 in the morning. I was driving down my road. Came down a bit of a dip in the road. Was coming back up and two my left hand side, they did some clear cutting and some logging out. All they left were some maple trees and there was a big natural gas pipeline that runs right through the area. It's all clear. They keep it clean. And right about there, coming out of the west, heading east were two pterodactyls. I didn't know what they were the second I seen it. You know, if I only seen one, I would have never told anybody about what I had seen. I would be like, 'Wow, I need to go to bed. I've been up a little too long.' But there were two of them. It's October 4th. I don't remember if it was a full moon but it was super bright the moon lit everything up. I had the high beams on.

I was the only one on this road so when I came up out of that dip, the headlights caught them. The moonlight lit them up and it was terrifying at first. They were just cruising right along about 50 feet off the ground. They were below the trees and I'm guessing the trees down there aren't much more than 70 feet, the tallest ones. They were below that. (Clyde asks how he knew they were pterodactyls and not regular large birds) Yeah, when I saw the spike off the back of their heads that runs at like a 45 degree angle or so, 30 degree angle or whatever... and the 40 foot wingspan. It was like, there are no cranes around here that are that big. We have Sandhill Cranes and some other big cranes but they don't have 40 foot wingspans. There are swans over to the east of us on Lake Superior but they're not 40 feet across. I mean, to this day, I don't really tell anybody about it because when I do, they just look at me like, 'Wow, you finally went off your rocker.' I'm just like, so after that I just kinda let it go. You can't get that thought... or that picture out of your mind. I did some research on them and I was like, 'Yeah, that's what I saw' and the more I did the research and found out about these things, I was like... I'm not going down there to wait it out and see. There was nobody with me in the truck. I had one of my dogs with me and he ain’t talking to anyone about it.”

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