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Left-wing public school textbooks whitewash communist spies

 All forms of socialist apologetics need to be winkled out of our education system.  That it has been fed in is part of the radical socialist agenda in the first instance and that our liberal arts universities have allowed it at all is a major error.  

Recall that this cadre ends up as the goto program for what a actually a class of inferior students.  The A class enter Honors programs of all sorts.  The B class position themselves to possibly upgrade.  The rest or the C class migrates to the soft ball courses in hopes of getting an exit degree that sets them up for teaching or for most today in commerce.

First off, the universities need to exit any catering to the C class who are all better served at the college level who really need to grind out well rounded teachers and many other skilled types as well.  How about a course in cold calling along with a summer job doing just that as a practicum.  
My key point is that the State has a responsibility to ensure that their leaders are all working from the same playbook.  It will not harm the fraction able to develop critical thinking and may in fact inspire them.  But it must get everyone on the same page.

Our greatest success was winkling out race memes from the Canadian education system as this has led to a far more expensive polity.  Think about that.  

Left-wing public school textbooks whitewash communist spies in shocking re-writing of history to fit “progressive” anti-America narratives

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 by: Ethan Huff

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(Natural News) When what actually happened in the past fails to live up to the fantasy reality envisioned by leftists, they simply rewrite history and peddle it off as “truth.” This is what’s happening right now with American public school curriculum, which is being completely rewritten to reflect what leftists wish was true about the world.

Several popular United States history textbooks, warns Daniel Oliver, chairman of the board of The Education & Research Institute, are full of gross inaccuracies that paint American patriots as the bad guys, and communist infiltrators as the good guys. These include Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, and The American Pageant by Thomas Bailey, David Kennedy, and Lizabeth Cohen.“Almost every other page” of these two textbooks, stated Oliver during a recent interview with Townhall, is jam-packed with liberal bias.

One example, and the one most favored by Oliver in proving this point, is how The American Pageant describes communist spy Alger Hiss. Instead of explaining to students that Hiss was illicitly handing over American secrets to the Soviet Union, or the fact that Hiss was convicted of perjury in 1948, this revisionist textbook instead claims that Hiss was some kind of victim who was accused of “embarrassing falsehoods” by former President Richard Nixon, who’s described as a “red hunter.”

“He was a communist,” says Oliver about Hiss. “But the left decided to take the position that he was not.”
Nazi influence post-WWII resulted in sweeping revisionist history being injected into American textbooks

Other misrepresentations of history include the textbook’s categorization of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a “master politician” who was “suave and conciliatory.” No mention is made of how Roosevelt was just another corrupt Democrat who “often tried to initiate and use government subsidies to win targeted voting groups, which ran up the national debt to record amounts,” says Oliver, or the fact that Roosevelt “had trouble telling the truth.”

Perhaps most disturbing is the source of much of this misinformation: former Nazis from Germany. A shocking amount of left-wing bias found in these and other public school history books can be traced back to “progressive scholars” from Germany who, following the end of World War II, slithered their way into the U.S. and infused their corrupt ideologies into the American educational system. This tactic, says Oliver, is a highly “effective” way of brainwashing students into a staunchly anti-American mindset, thus changing our nation’s culture.

Since many parents are too busy to pore through every detail of what’s being taught to their children at public school, The Education & Research Institute has created an online module entitled, “The American History Book Project” that contains critiques of the various information found in popular history textbooks.

To learn more, check out
For an accurate look at real history, read William J. Bennett’s two-volume history book America: The Last Best Hope

Oliver’s aim is to awaken parents and their school-age children to historical truths rather than revisionist history. That’s why he recommends that they read accurate historical accounts such as William J. Bennett’s two-volume work America: The Last Best Hope, “a vibrant and unashamedly patriotic account of what has made this country great.”

“Unlike modern-day Leftist-influenced histories that treat the American story largely as a series of missteps and injustices, this book is filled with the glory, romance, and uniqueness of the American experience,” a description of America: The Last Best Hope reads.

The Education & Research Institute, says Oliver, will further continue to “come in and raise a ruckus so that school boards will pick better textbooks.”

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Henry said...

"No mention is made of how Roosevelt was just another corrupt Democrat who “often tried to initiate and use government subsidies to win targeted voting groups, which ran up the national debt to record amounts,” says Oliver, or the fact that Roosevelt “had trouble telling the truth.”

Or that he gained the presidency on a platform of promising precisely the opposite of what he ended up doing after his election.