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The best news websites to visit each day to beat the censorship purge by the evil tech giants

This is a convenient list of resources that alloqw you to easily sidestep what has become egregious and obvious censorship by the MSM or mainstream media.
This problem essentially arose over the past three years from been a largely benign issue to now been a serious and concerted effort to block information flow to the electorate by politically engaged owners we presume financially co-opted to so called progressive financial interests better understood as NAZIs.  
What happened and it was really obvious is that their full press support of Hilary and blanket condemnation of Trump failed.  You must understand that this same mechanism was fully on display to elect Barrack Obama.  It was not obviously an over riding factor in the past although it was certainly present.  Actual DEEP STATE candidate capture had happened long before in one form or the other.
The methodology became rank with Obama.  It then blew up with the advent of Trump.  The trouble is that they have not stopped and are in the process destroying their platforms by ignoring most of the real news that is out there when it does not serve their agenda.
I do believe this will all be corrected.   In fact the Obama protocol has already lost.  What we have to do is access these alternative sources to step around censorship.  It is possible. .

The best news websites to visit each day to beat the censorship purge by the evil tech giants

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) How do you beat the malicious censorship purge that’s being aggressively pushed by the tech giants? You seek out independent media websites that bring you all the news being censored everywhere else.

The trick is that you have to visit all these websites directly by typing the URL in your browser. Don’t rely on Facebook, Twitter, Google or anyone else to determine what news you read. Go directly to these sites to bypass the censorship of the tech giants.
Three news aggregation sites to watch daily

News aggregation sites list headlines from multiple independent media sources. This is the best way to get a quick overview of the day’s independent media news:

#1) Whatfinger.com – This site has emerged as the very best news aggregation site on the ‘net, beating Drudge with rapid updates and more focus on independent sources rather than lying mainstream sources. Every headline is manually curated by patriots / veterans.

#2) Censored.news – These headlines are automatically gathered from the most censored sites on the ‘net. It’s updated every few minutes and shows only headline text, no photos or videos, so it’s great for mobile devices too.

#3) SteveQuayle.com – Every headline is curated by Steve Quayle, covering the more exotic alternative news sites on the ‘net, including those that write about the Book of Revelation, ancient civilizations and more.
Original news and video sites to check frequently

In addition to Breitbart.com, which is the new standard for high-volume, pro-America independent media, check out these other sites:

#1) Brighteon.com – This is our free speech alternative to YouTube. Post and view videos for free. Each day, many users post breaking news videos here, making it a great place to catch news summaries and analysis of recent events.

#2) LifeSiteNews.com – Pro-family original news reporting that counters the mainstream narratives on abortion, LGBT and pedophilia.

#3) BigLeaguePolitics.com – One of the best independent news sites on the ‘net with exhaustive original reporting.

#4) TheEpochTimes.com – Yet more original reporting, with a lot of focus on exposing the Russia collusion hoax.

#5) TheGatewayPundit.com – Rapid fire, short-form news coverage of breaking news events in the world of politics.

#6) Newswars.com – Features headlines and videos from the Infowars universe of indy media.

#7) AllNewsPipeline.com – Original long-form stories that cover the greatest threats to human survival, including wars, biological weapons, communism and more.
Useful websites from our own network

In addition to all the sites mentioned above, check out these especially informative websites on our own network:

5Galert.com – A new website completely focused on the health risks associated with 5G wireless technology. Very few stories so far, but more are coming.

Rigged.news – Brings you daily news about everything that’s “rigged,” including medicine, politics, news bias and more.

Migrants.news – Covers the invasion of America by illegal aliens, including open borders policies and the push by Democrats to see America overrun.

Chemicals.news – Original reporting on toxic chemicals that threat human health, including pesticides, hormone disruptors and more.

FalseFlag.news – Covers false flag events, engineered fakery, media lies and cultural engineering strategies used by globalists to control human action.
Warnings about “establishment” sites that attack natural health, nutrition or indy journalism

As you’re perusing independent media websites, watch out for “establishment” media sites that are really just fronts for the vaccine industry or powerful corporate interests: 
Fox News is a RINO establishment propaganda hub with its own internal civil war. Sean Hannity is a true patriot but he is being surrounded by traitors inside the Fox News universe, and their goal is to destroy Trump and silence independent media. 
The Daily Caller is a pro-vaccine website that pushes Big Pharma’s vaccine propaganda. It also runs fake news articles about border walls. 
The Daily Wire is Ben Shapiro’s website that pushes fake news hoaxes to smear other members of the independent media. 
The Drudge Report routinely attacks nutrition and supplements, always finding another excuse to run a “dangerous vitamins” headline.

Happy surfing!

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