Friday, June 28, 2019

“Social justice” homosexuals actively working to contaminate the blood donor supply

This is of course absurd.  Willfully supplying blood that is tainted  or even at high risk to been tainted is a prima facie criminal case, the same way in which i would face real consequences if i emptied an AK- 47 into the atmosphere over a city.
Do we need a victim and a full criminal investigation along with a life sentence to bring this fraud home?
You are absolutely not innocent if you engage in actions that destroys another life..
“Social justice” homosexuals actively working to contaminate the blood donor supply with blood-borne diseases, claiming safety is “discrimination”

Friday, June 21, 2019 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The me-centered mindset of LGBTQP cultists knows no bounds, as homosexual men in the United Kingdom are now knowingly contaminating the blood donor supply with their tainted blood in order to selfishly achieve what they perceive and demand as “equality” with non-LGBTQPs.

Even though U.K. law prohibits sodomites from donating blood if they’ve had sexual relations with other men in the past three months – the purpose of this being to protect vulnerable patients from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) – some self-worshiping gays are reportedly lying on medical forms and donating their blood anyway – because “tolerance” and “love.”

These selfish individuals are intentionally polluting U.K. blood banks with dirty blood say that they’re doing so in order to fight “discrimination” and “homophobia.” Meanwhile, patients in need of clean blood are now being forcibly exposed to contaminants that could make them even more ill, or possibly kill them.

“When a gay man is giving blood, they have to tick a box to say that they have complied with these rules, but we have found that some are lying on that form,” warns Victoria Derbyshire, an investigative journalist who recently aired a segment on her morning news program about how LGBTQPs are putting the entire population at risk because of their extreme selfishness.

Fellow investigative journalist Ben Hunte reportedly interviewed six different homosexuals from across England, all of whom believe that they’re doing “good” by donating their possibly HIV-infected blood to blood banks in violation of the law. One of them apparently admitted that he became triggered when he first heard about the rules for donating blood, prompting him to rush out and donate his tainted blood for “social justice.”

“I grew up in a family who gave blood regularly and instilled in me that that was the right thing to do,” this anonymous individual, whom the media is referring to as “David,” told Hunte. “I did it before I started having sex with men, and I carried on doing it afterwards because, for me, that was the right thing to do.”

According to “David,” his homosexual lifestyle is “safer” than that of the heterosexual couples he knows, so in his own mind he’s fully justified in breaking the law by donating tainted blood to blood banks.

“I don’t see why I should be denied the right to help fellow people,” “David” told Hunte, whining about the “deep homophobia” that prevents promiscuous gays from forcing their questionable blood supply on people who do not pursue gay lifestyles.

Another homosexual interviewed as part of the investigation, whom reports have dubbed as “Ryan,” revealed that he’s been illegally donating his blood to blood banks for more than 10 years because it’s “not nice almost to be discriminated against.”

Just like “David,” “Ryan” has somehow justified his perverse behavior in his own mind by convincing himself that what he’s doing is “moral” because “you are helping somebody.”
It’s time to face the facts: Some homosexuals care only about themselves, even if they place others at risk of infections

What these full-fledged narcissists refuse to acknowledge, however, is the fact that the rules exist for a reason: to protect patients. But like most social justice warriors, when “David” and “Ryan” don’t get what they demand – even when there’s a very good medical reason behind the restrictions – they proceed to do what they want regardless in order to fight “discrimination” and “homophobia.”

“The main reason” why blood banks don’t accept homosexual blood, explains Su Brailesford from the National Health Service (NHS) Blood and Transplant department, is that “vulnerable patients” are the ones receiving it.

“The guidelines are there for a reason,” Brailesford stresses. “I would really encourage people to follow the guidelines, even if they don’t agree with them,” she adds, noting that sodomites are “disproportionately affected by HIV.”

“About 13,500 of them don’t know they have it and are at risk of passing on the virus,” she further warns about homosexual men, who continue to be “one of the highest risk groups” for HIV, AIDS, and other deadly STDs, as well as anal cancer.

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