Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Qanon - The Deepening Silence and Crushing the Mullahs.

I do think that it is possible that JFK jr is the primary voice behind Q in conjunction with the Mil Intel team overseeing the underlying secret war against the NWO globally.  I use the word possible because we can assign a probability to his been in witness protection for twenty years that is clearly not zero.  It is also noteworthy that Q went of the air when R showed up as well.

Throw in that his survival entailed a Mil Intel operation and a naval seal team to effect and it clearly follows along with why Trump in particular was approached by Mil Intel to run for President.  It would also not surprise me to discover that Kennedy money backstopped Trump when he needed it back in the day.  That is exactly how you survive a banking crush.

There is present hope that disclosure is eminent or not during the 4 July events.  Yet this does not matter yet as any such event will position the TRUMP revolution for the post 2024 era when he has left the stage.  It is all about succession and a living JFK jr would be a dream come true for all patriots.  Yet there is no lack of prospects to be handpicked as necessary to take charge of a completely cleansed body politic.  It is the cleansing that truly matters.

In the meantime, the noose is steadily tightening for the public DEEP STATE.  We have watched the public been steadily reconditioned to understand that they have been lied to forever and that they are now been freed of those lies.  This allows the take down of criminals without political repercussions.  Been less patient we all would have acted much sooner, but then failed to win most of the fight so started.  This way they will already be finished.

This week we have had more Kabuki theater with the Iran situation.  This has now happened several times already.  Iran is now falling into a horrible economic depression and this must trigger massive unrest particularly as Trump holds up the CARROT of a complete peace sans the Mullahs.  They must be becoming desperate and they are playing hard to hang on.  A faux war would actually help them hold on longer.

Also the Petrodollar system is ending and that is huge and possible now because the USA is oil independent and does not have to recycle USA dollars into the global market in order to pay for imports.  Crushing the Mullahs will halt the funding supporting the war in Yemen and thus relieve Saudi Arabia who must now conserve USA dollars.

Domestically, the DEMS are running a ship of fools into the primary season while we have continuing silence from the Clintons and past war horses as well.  All this has left the MSM and the remnants of the Anti - TRUMP coalition effectively leaderless.  With a growing consensus that sees real punishment arriving for many of these folks and the complete failure of their actions, their silence is natural..


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May 26 2019 11:56:20 (EST)

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