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The Starchild Skull Artifact Encourages A Reassessment Of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

The Starchild Skull has naturally languished since the death of its champion Lloyd Pye.  I understand that possession remains with caretakers who likely were hoping to discover funding.  They have become silent.  Regardless, the star-child itself is not unique as another one does exist in Peru unsurprisingly. 

There really could not have been two such odd races and i am sure that when the work is properly done, we will discover they are closel0y related.

We do know that the DNA work disclosed that the mother was plausibly Human although there were a couple of changes in the mit DNA.   All this suggests a successful Alien human birth may have been possible conforming to the cultural story of Annuki human mating.

I do want to say a couple of things here.  The human modification explanation for all these skulls is completely absurd simply because that cannot increase brain size.  Full stop.  We do have plenty of cases of actual human deformation to work with as well so there is scant mystery there.  These skulls are radically different in multiple ways beyond volume as well.

The second thing I want to note here is that these skulls are an extremely important source of preserved DNA and represent a ROSETTA STONE for the DNA.  This demands a massive DNA research budget and lab that can winkle out the entire genome in order to map out changes that can then be identified.  This can maqssively jump start the whole problem of correctly labeling the whole
human Genome.  If i had charge of this i would start with a budget of around ten million and train up several DNA labs to work with us.

The Starchild Skull Artifact Encourages A Reassessment Of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

  • The Facts:The Starchild skull artifact is one of many that has been ignored by the mainstream, and one of many that calls into question Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • Reflect On:Why have so many discoveries, like this one, been completely ignored by mainstream academia and mainstream media? What is going on here?
The skull was discovered in 1930 in a mine tunnel about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico, out in the middle of nowhere, by a teenage girl. She assumed the Starchild was simply a human with a deformed skull, most likely from the result of cradle boarding.

The young girl then brought the skull back home with her to Texas where she kept it for the rest of her life. It was not until 60 years later before her death in the 1990s when she passed it on to some friends, who in turn passed it on to Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas in 1998. Melanie Young, a neonatal nurse, was intrigued to learn what had caused the skulls unusual deformity.
Could it have been a deformed head from cradle boarding, a possible genetic mutation, or natural phenomena? She approached several of her colleagues at the hospital where she worked, and while all dismissed it as some sort of deformity, none could give her an explanation as to what condition could have caused it.
After speculating the possibilities that this skull could be a new species unknown to the scientific community, Melanie sought out the assistance of Lloyd Pye, an author and researcher in the field of alternative news who was well connected in the medical field.
One of the main issues was to determine whether or not this skull could have been deformed through the practice of cradle boarding or cranial deformation. Cradle Boarding is the practice of strapping infants into cradleboards, which causes the child’s soft occipital bone (at the rear of the skull) to flatten like the board it is pressed against. It’s important to note that cradle boarding will leave physical signs on the bones of the skull, and none of them can change the shape or position of the inion (the small bump at the rear of all human skulls). The Starchild not only has no inion but also the occipital bone shows no signs of impressions from cradle boarding either.

Credit the Field Reports
In 2004, a team of 11 specialists headed by Dr. Ted J. Robinson investigated the Starchild Skull in an attempt to identify a deformity, illness, or any other natural explanation for the skull. From a maxilla fragment of the skull, they took X-Rays, CT scans, performed a 3-dimensional scan, and discussed and researched the skull’s physical characteristics. You can view the study here.

The study concluded that the Starchild Skull was unlike any specimen in recorded medical history, and notably that its unusual characteristics are not the result of artificial cranial deformation. The Starchild Skull is not the result of artificial shaping.
Here are some of the main points determined from the study:
  • Carbon 14 dating of the skull places its age at 900 years ago.
  • It is lighter and weighs about half of the weight of a human adult skull while the cranial capacity is about 1600 cc, which is 400 cc. larger than an average human adult.
  • It is composed of a bony material which is so hard that a standard Dremel blade had great difficulty cutting into it.
 Dr. Robinson’s team also concluded that “the extreme flattening of the skull was caused by its natural growth pattern.”
Another study revealed by researchers Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure found more fascinating data about the skull:
  • The Starchild Skull is 5 years old
  • The debunking theory: hydrocephalus explains the Skull’s shape. This theory cannot be ruled out nor ignored. However, a hydrocephalic anomaly should appear symmetrical, which affects the entire skull. The Starchild Skull does not display the symmetrical “ballooning effect” that would include the back of the skull.
  • Moreover, its genetic origin was said to come from the haplogroup Q which is a determinant of Native Americans from South America.
From the study reviewed by Kloetzke and McClure, the scientists’ concluding statement was, “the investigation and compiling the entirety of the scientific data from the many scientists involved, we can safely say that the Starchild Skull is not alien, nor a hybrid of a human and alien. He was 100% a human male child with profound deformities.” View the study here.
With the DNA results concluding it is indeed human, this may throw out the alien hypothesis. However, this skull brings up questions about our currently accepted view of human evolution. A human species whose skull (at the age of 5) is 400cc larger than an average human skull is fascinating. Not to mention we’re looking at a brain size that was a third larger than the human skull.
Another interesting report about the skull comes from archaeologist Aaron Judkins, PhD, Starchild Skull Final Report

The Takeaway

The implications of these findings are fascinating because it makes us rethink the human story. More importantly, why aren’t these archaeological findings being aired on CNN or BBC? Why isn’t this story being featured in the prestigious scientific journal Nature? This isn’t the first time that Darwin’s theory has been disproven and shut down by mainstream science. Look at this story published in 2018 discussing the cover-up of Giants in North America. These spectacular findings should be celebrated and accepted by archeologists because they slowly bind the earth’s real puzzle pieces together.

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