Monday, November 11, 2019

Qanon - Sword of Damocles

What has recently been reported, but it difficult to confirm, obviously is that the Mil Intel working with the incoming Trump administration was able to completely bug the Secure rooms relied on by the outgoing Obama administration to work up their entire war plan and coup against Trump.  This has included the current round of the faux impeachment inquiry.

In short, they declared war on the Trump Administration while failing to prevent Trump from listening in to all their planning.  What this really means is that they ignored Mil Intel and Mil Intel understood their long game was treason top to bottom and had started decades before to ultimately take it down.  This meant stepping back and gathering data until the time was right and letting them play.

By the by, i had always wondered were they were in all this for decades.  I had been read in on method through informants a log time ago so understood the mind set.

That is why the present impeachment scam was instantly countered by a complete transcript release which nicely deep sixed that whole narrative.  This could not have been done unless you had full knowledge of DEMs intentions.  Recall the DEMS have no way forward except to eliminate Trump himself.  Payback is coming and it will be painful.  This may include the arrest of over eighty percent of DEM politicians for high crimes and misdemeanors.

All targeted individuals know exactly what the incoming consequences will be and they are completely aware that criminal investigations started immediately upon Trump entering the WH.   Thus their bizarre behavior is easily understood against that dropping sword of justice. There have been plenty of corporate resignations along with political retirements where a negotiated exit was possible.

It is also true that this whole  DEM impeachment scam has been executed using DEEP STATE assets.  These assets have been long known and have been kept in place deliberately in order to set counters.  Notably, the So called whistle blower was awakened up to his real liability regarding FISA fraud and immediately attempted to open negotiations while backtracking as fast as possible.

All this appears to be coming to a climax while inflicting maximum damage on the DEMs and their election chances.  Do they really think that Biden can run a campaign while defending against a real investigation regarding his dealings in the Ukraine?  How about anyone else with that going on in the background.

We have all waited for mass arrests, but those are all mostly no bodies anyway.  What we are getting is ample theater involving all the notables around Obama.  Their crimes are all becoming fully public.  It is not just HRC anymore.  Ideally, the actual arrests will be anti climatic.  I do suspect though that the MSM or Main Stream Media, which is becoming visibly complicit regarding those High Crimes and Misdemeanors, will need to be directly taken down and restructured.  Their involvement in Treason must not stand.

That is why all this is slowly becoming public knowledge.  Suddenly we know that NBC killed a full Epstein expose three years ago.  That makes NBC complicit in the ongoing rape of children.  How does 'freedom of the press' defend all that.

The ongoing efforts to censor the free press itself, is also setting the stage for a powerful executive order that will then protect that free press.  That should be coming soon.

Recall that all those executive orders will become laws enacted by congress et al after the 2020 election.  This will lock down reform properly forever..


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