Friday, November 8, 2019

Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming!

Here is more on this topic.  Over the past few years this has been publicised and has become a thing folks do.  all good.

This sounds like a good way to induce the meditation state itself.  actual lucid dreaming may be quite another matter.  The first stage of meditation will give you colors.  Much else is optional.

Real lucid dreaming is entering the dream state itself, but it is also sharply enhanced and it is equivalent to your spirit entering the OTHER SIDE.  Your perceptions are strongly enhanced.  Been There, done that.

Otherwise this may assist in at least recalling dreams themselves.

How To Lucid Dream Instantly (FILD Tutorial Step by Step) Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming!

•26 Apr 2019

FILD stands for finger induced lucid dreaming, and it’s one of the fastest lucid dreaming techniques out there. It’s great for beginners and requires nothing but your hands and an alarm clock! Today in this video, I’ll show you how to do this method along with some tips I’ve gathered from personal experience. 
MORE VIDEOS: Before using FILD, it's important that you keep a dream journal to practice your dream recall. You can learn how by watching my tutorial!
The steps used in this video were found on the LucidDreamSociety website, check it out for new methods on how to lucid dream and more! 
STEP 1: Go to bed as normal and set yourself an alarm to wake you up between 4-6 hours after you fall asleep (you want to wake up straight into a REM period!) 
STEP 2: Without moving too much and getting awake, stop your alarm and then relax your body. Apps like Lucidity offer a touchless alarm feature, and it’s completely free. 
STEP 3: Try to go back to sleep exactly how you normally would. The main purpose is to get to the point just before you are about to fall asleep. Once you feel you are getting there, you can begin the FILD technique. 
STEP 4: One of your hands should be placed on a flat surface, either on your bed or the ground. It is also important that your fingers are relaxed and they are not too much bent. The FILD technique is very simple: you should simply IMAGINE that you are playing the piano with your index finger and middle finger. Because your body should be relaxed, you shouldn’t do any other movement, but just SLIGHTLY, move the fingers on your hand, up and down. 
STEP 5: Move your fingers lightly, and keep doing it less and less noticeable. So in the end, you should do it almost INVISIBLE! 
STEP 6: Relax your body and mind even more. Try not to think about distinctive things, but concentrate on alternating between your fingers. How does it work? The super tiny movement stimulates a part of the brain that keeps your mind awake, but your body is about to go asleep. After a while, you might start seeing some changes in your breathing, or you may see strange shapes or colors flowing past your closed eyes. Stick with this for a few moments, until you are sure that you have entered a dream state. You may not see or feel anything different which is completely fine and normal. 
STEP 7: After about 30 seconds, you need to perform a reality check. However, if you move and try to do a reality check that requires some movements, you may simply wake up and ruin everything that you reached so far. So it has to be a reality check with almost not moving at all. What I recommend is closing off the nasal passage at the back of your throat and try to breathe. There are also other checks, like biting your tongue and seeing if you feel pain, or just wishing for something to materialize right in front of you. Whatever you choose, once you do the reality check and you’re sure that you are dreaming, congratulations! You can now do whatever you want. And, that’s it for today’s video! I hope you learned a thing or two about the FILD technique. 
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