Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Chasing a wild buffalo Herd

Here is a delightful documentary showing cowboys herding wild bison into a corral or trapment of some sort.  All pretty chancy though.

This is a wild herd and we can be sure that domesticated herds are much easier to work with.  In fact range management now calls for the daily movement of the herd and the application of mob graving.

The best way to do all this will be to blend in regular range cattle, along with goats at least and train them all to operate within a movable fence line.  Non cooperative animals will need to be separated away.

We presently have around 140,000.000 head of cattle in North America.  Mob grazing can bring that up to most of 300,000,000 head.  Folding Bison into the nix along with goats will allow winter grazing and strong weed plant utilization with the goats.

When we are really keen we can follow along with mobile chicken wagons to process the manure in particular.

All this will produce an optimized grassland, even superior to the natural grassland dominated by the Bison.


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