Saturday, November 23, 2019

America First means ending Global Poverty

This is a subtle teaching, but it is enough to know that an economically  inefficient lower tier of the population is naturally brought about by the failure of hierarchy to preserve and protect that lower tier.  That inefficiency is expressed as poverty.

Most of this is ignorance as it is obvious that if the lowest tier is economically efficient and prospering that all other levels will be doing just dandy.  It literally cannot be helped.

The giant problem we have in the developed world has been the unnatural detachment of land value from the cost of housing.  This has driven wages up in order to sustain this massive global bubble.  Yet the real cost of sustainable has not risen much at all.  This is all produced by the global fiat currency expansion.  The lower tier has not been able to participate in this wealth machine to keep pace.

The immediate technical solution is to allow temporary housing units on flats to allow occupation of presently idle land close by the urban market.  The resources are already been spend to prevent that form of poverty.  There is plenty more to do here, but that gets everybody back off the street and returns the funding model back to 1970 when all this got underway.  The land cost aspect is then disconnected formally.

However we want to frame it all America First means successfully ending poverty first in the USA in order to convince the world that it can be done and to also destroy the persistent communist MEME.  This certainly demands a thriving USA economy and strong leadership.  That seems to be happening.

Once that happens it is in everyone's interest to apply tools globally to end poverty globally.  By focusing on ending poverty, we can avoid diversion to the hierarchy which will never care but do understand that a sound base is protective.  In short this all can be cast as a Marshal  Plan for global poverty aimed solely at the economic base.  Better yet it can all be funded through loan guarantees for a point in USA dollars thus creating a natural back flow of USA dollars to the USA treasury that may possibly retire the USA global dollar account or not as policy commends.

With the base secure it should be possible to resolve political issues through modest political innovation which slowly establishes the Communion of Man.

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