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I know nothing about this company or its work.  Yet they are drawing attention to the application of humic acid in particualar. Humic acid is present in all soils and are thus part of the natural environment of both microbes and the viron in particular.  This strongly suggests a natural balance that is healthy and that can be lost inside ourselves.

I have long suspected that our natural biome operates naturally as plus or minus alpha which is a small varuation.  Thus blood balance is much more important than any partiucular aspect.  Correcting that often takes very little.

We are used to thinking much more directly when we medicate.  

VIRAXAL Sales Group, based out of the Philippines, is now stepping forward to announce the release of a new major tool for dealing with or battling the new global pandemic which the world has before it. We are excited to now bring to your attention a new, powerful tool in being able to deal with this viral outbreak.

VIRAXAL™ is a wonderful new tool, an antiviral supplement which provides a very specific type of formulation which is now being marketed under the name of VIRAXAL™. The product is one which stops the replication of viruses! In a world of excessive antibiotic usage, it stands virtually alone as a unique anti-viral weapon. This is a huge breakthrough. It would be important to note that the product is not a ‘cure’ in the standard context of that word. What it does however is reduce and greatly inhibit the virus, most all viruses to replicate and reproduce themselves, which in essence gives the body a much better fighting chance of ridding the virus altogether overall. It also allows for other forms of intervention, such as other types of antiviral drugs to intercede, where they are coming to fight a far more weakened foe, as the virus is totally destroyed over time. In essence, drying up the lake to kill the frog.

The National Institute of Health has recognized humic acid as a broad-spectrum anti-viral and successfully tested it against the pneumonia virus. The humic acid in VIRAXAL™ coats the virus receptors, thus stopping their viral infusion replication process; that means they simply cannot break into our healthy living cells and survive! VIRAXAL™ works by releasing its humic acid into the body over a 12 hour period, so that it attaches to any free floating virus, stopping this replication process. Thus, taking VIRAXAL™ every 12 hours or so will steadily lower viral loads such as Herpes Simplex, Epstein Barr, and other cold and flu viruses, also affecting Lupus, Shingles, certain rheumatoid arthritis cases and more.

VIRAXAL™ goes systemic, so it works on the first priority in the body. This means it may be repairing something else first before it addresses the health issue you chose it for originally. The research team has seen great success with FIP feline virus, Feline leukemia and the parvovirus in dogs, with every indication that it would also reduce human parvovirus. A cap of our powder can be added to animal food, to baby food, and to juice or food for young children. There are no side effects except occasional mild detox effects.

VIRAXAL™ performs many other positive actions in the body. It provides its high doses of time released, highly activated trace minerals more directly into the blood stream so that the blood’s Ph balance is stabilized and can carry more oxygen. The organic carbon in the humic acid assists in rebuilding the mucosal lining of the gastro- intestinal tract, setting up the environment for the proper beneficial bacterial spectrum. So it helps knock out invasive bacteria and strengthens against fungus as well.

Many HIV patients are on the multi-drug cocktail and thus are carrying a non-detectable viral load. In these cases, VIRAXAL™ will strengthen the immune system, mitigate the toxicity in the body and allow the CD4 count to rise. In most cases, the AIDS CD4 count of below 200 will steadily increase over a period of several months, bringing the person out of classic AIDS category when this count goes above 200.

VIRAXAL™ is 100% pure humic acid which has a small percentage of powerful fulvic acid naturally present. Humic acid has been used in ethnic medicine for thousands of years, and traces of humic acid used to occur naturally in all our food and water. But our modern agriculture has killed the soil microbes that create it and now, like a baby with the bath water, it is filtered out of the water we drink.

Our research team have spent years searching out the richest deposits on the planet. They ensure that it is processed without chemicals, heat, or pressure. They have spent many years working with this substance until they saw impressive results for the worst of the planet’s serious health challenges before our current conundrum. Our team have witnessed, for example a 10-year-long sinus infection which was knocked out with humic acid.

Although it is still generally unknown to both the alternative and conventional medical establishments, humic acid is Nature’s final processor of nutrients into the cell and toxins out of the cell.

Results are showing that humic/fulvic is THE best protective and healing supplement to appear. In this age of environmental damage, finally a real pro-active anti- viral exists. VIRAXAL™ should be a daily prophylactic for general maintenance, a quick reach when symptoms first appear. It is a core foundational supplement for us on the survival road to come

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