Monday, March 30, 2020

DIY Vitamin C cure protocol

There is a lot of informaation in this lecture that will support everything that i am now going to simply state:

Large dose Vitamin C therapy is indicated as a cure for a full spectrum of disease including cancers, Viruses including polio, and a multitude of additional conditions likely indicating similar biological causation not understood.

This has been fully understood  for at least 80 years but has then been ignored and literally bad mouthed as well.

The fact is that our whole civilization suffers from chronic scurvy which culminates in the spectrum of age related deteriotion.  That is the big picture.

The key take home is that all ailments should first be treated with large doses of Vitamin C while your doctor figures out what to call it all.

The question is just how do you do this without tying yourself in knots with doctors.

You need to understand two things.  If you are healthy, your body can absorb around 20 grams per day preferably spread out.  That is 20,000 mg.  You buy bulk ascorbic acid.  There are other options of course, such as magnesian or calcium ascorbate, but they change nothing.

If you are not so healthy, then your body will accept much more.  Cancer patients will find that they accdept past 100,000 mg spread through a day.  what this informs us is that you start with 20,000 to get going and then add to that until your body says enough.

What really struck me here is that the doctor himself contracted viral pnenmonia with a normal prognosis lasting weeks.  As he tells it, he dosed 2000mg every six minutes for 20,000 per hour.  In one hour, the coughing had stopped.  In three hours, all symptons had disappeared including three degrees of fever.

Thyere is a natural protocol here to apply and i just tested it.

Take two to three heaping trspoons of ascorbic acid powder and put it into a mug of hot water. holding a cup and one half.  Add honey to taste as this is sour but not too bad.  Then sip it slowly for the next hour.

I just did this without any reaction and anyone can safely test them selves this way.

My point is that you can apply this at home to combat any and all viruses and any other disease.  Again if you are fighting of a major assault, you do this more than once per day.  Cancer patients typically take it up over 100,000 mg or five such charges per day.  Again your body will indicate when enough is enough.  Otherwise it is not enough.

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