Monday, March 9, 2020

Crazy Calm’s CBD Smooths the Edges of Instant Coffee

What has become completely clear is that the FDA is staying completely away from what is now the CBD product rollout.  They actually said so.
As far a locking down the actual specifics regarding benefits, it remains early days,  yet plenty of folks are already switching to CBD in order to handle chronic pain and other health issues with success.   By the way this is true folk science at its best.  It works and they share.

This tells me that the whole opioid industry is collapsing and will end up been a fraction of itself.
Here we have a successful coffee product that delivers a useful dose of quality CBD.  They are paying attention to the CBD which is very important.  It is not the other way around were you end up with a faux product.  Bravo!!

What we truly lack right now is an unraveling of the CBD into its active components in order to establish best values and best practice.  And i do suspect everyone is flying by the seat of their pants.

Give it five years and we will have all that.  We may even have a well managed THC industry as well.

Crazy Calm’s CBD Smooths the Edges of Instant Coffee

By Jesse Switzer - Special to Cannabis Culture  
on February 5, 2020

CANNABIS CULTURE – CBD in coffee is a new idea spreading fast. I like the concept – caffeine without the jitters, cannabis without the high – but I think Crazy Calm has an average product in a blossoming market.

Finding CBD in food and drink is making a scene in the states. I had a donut in Portland with the slippery stuff baked right in, and it made for a smooth afternoon. Most of us like getting cozy and snacking at the end of the day. Now, you can chill in the mornings while you’re being productive. Crazy Calm is a company out of Austin TX combining CBD with instant Coffee. (Unfortunately, they only ship within the United States for now).

Check out their website:

The coffee is a dark-roast, and Crazy Calm has little to say about where it comes from: “Our blend is USDA organic, fair trade coffee…” With notes of dog treats and flat soda, it’s not for the connoisseur of delicate java. But instant coffee has its benefits. Already being brewed to a perfect extraction yield and dehydrated, the cup should never come up sour or leave a dry taste in you mouth. You could think of it as an americano, just add more water for less intensity. Instant coffee can be great when you are in a rush or far from a café. It could be very useful while camping; it’s lightweight, easy, and the CBD may slave you ground-slept body. And getting 10 cups for $34.99 (US) is not a bad price, considering the little packs are also carrying the body beneficial CBD. You can even buy it with crypto currency and Crazy will give you 10% off for not involving the banks.

The cool thing about Crazy Calm is, although their coffee management is vague, they seem serious about sourcing good CBD. I found a lab sheet for the current Nov 2019 batch, and it looks scientific at least. I know it gave me a much-needed ease for an intensive course. They’ve also compared the controversial nature of cannabis to that of coffee a few hundred years ago, connecting the two rascals in one packet and in their developing benefits to society.

I give Crazy Calm’s CBD Coffee 5 smiling monkeys out of a possible 9.

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