Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Followed by Red Eyed Being

Once again our giant sloth is imposing invisibility.  Yet the description is very much a giant sloth.

We are now getting a lot of these reports. Again this is encouraging many more reports who had no where to go even a decade ago. 

Do note that this is seen moving on four long limbs which allow it to rally into the trees.  Again this completely conforms top all we now know about the Giant Sloth.

We have also gather quite a bit of data describing the invisibility trick that they use.  They cannot completely hide when they are moving but when stopped it is impossible to see them and you must rely on our ability to remote sense a close by threat.

Followed by Red Eyed Being

"Good day, I got your information from a member of a paranormal forum. I have a lot of info.

Long story short, the creature in question tried to kill me and has stalked me across Canada, red eyes as I call whatever the being is.

I first saw red eyes when I was 13 in an old sand pit located in Coldbrook Nova Scotia. It was night, the being stood on hind legs about 8 ft tall, I was a good 200m away from where it stood, this was around September of 99, that Dec, I was in the same pit sledding, my friend went to get his wheeler for light, after he left I sat by a fire with his rotti angel, who I swear saved me.

She began to growl at the wood line, then those turned to barking, and I could hear trees falling as something rushed toward me. At that moment, it felt like someone with big strong hands grabbed my shoulders and lifted me to my feet, and shoved me toward the path out of the pit. I out ran the dog (thank God I was in track), and got back to the subdivision after I reached the street light, I looked to see if I was still being chased, luckily I wasn't.

The being was pacing the tree line, I could see it's outline, it was on all fours, with long appendages, and red eyes that seemed to have a dull glow of red, which seemed abnormally far apart...almost like a dog with eyes almost to the sides of the head." TM

NOTE: I talked to the witness. I believe he has been encountering a thought-form manifestation. Lon

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