Saturday, March 28, 2020

Reptilian Tailed Ape-Like Creature Observed in Limestone, Maine (Devil Monkey?)

This is likely a female Giant Sloth.  I have seen that  tail before and the tree climb is pure vsloth.  Only  possible with those dagger likle claws.

Bulkiness is not observed as well as seen with our many reports that are likely male.

Thanks to the increasing reports we now have plausibly a few hundred reports that can be identified as Giant Sloth.  It is making them easier to spot.  This is one morew remarkable confirmation and  it also disappeared as well.

These suckers are all around us..

Reptilian Tailed Ape-Like Creature Observed in Limestone, Maine (Devil Monkey?)

A young witness in Limestone, Maine states that he observed a tall ape-like creature with a long thick T-Rex-like tail. Was this a Devil Monkey?

“Childhood encounter. Unidentified. This happened about 10 years ago when I lived in Limestone, a small town in Maine. For reference, I lived in a small apartment complex completely surrounded by forest. It was very quiet and lots of wildlife roamed the fields and forests surrounding the complex. I was 8 years old, laying on the top bunk of my bed, looking out my window. There was a spider that would build her web right outside my window, so I would always watch her build her web at night before I went to sleep. My window overlooked a parking lot that was right next to a field bordering a thick forest.

One night I was watching Mrs. Spider build her web, as I always do, when I see a very tall, ape-like thing with a long thick tail that tapered at the end (kind of how you would imagine a T.Rex tail, except hairy, if that’s a good comparison) walking across the parking lot. I kept watching as it wandered into the field just before the forest.

It then placed itself in between two trees, about arms length away from each other, and began climbing up by grabbing the two opposite trees with its respective hands and feet and slowly shimmying up the tree. As it made it to the tops of the trees, it sort of blended in with them and stopped moving, and I couldn’t see it anymore.

To this day I am completely stumped as to what I saw from my apartment window. This happened when I was living in the Maliseet region of Maine. If any of you guys are familiar with Maliseet mythology please comment. I was wide awake. I pinched myself really hard a couple times just to see if I could snap myself out of it, but it was real.” FR

NOTE: I have no idea what this witness saw. Some may believe it was a Devil Monkey. If anyone has a suggestion, please comment. Lon

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