Monday, December 16, 2019

Intravenous vitimin C Cancer Therapy

Let me spell out what we now know.  High doses of vitamin c in particular powerfully  ends persuasive circulatory disease.  It does not necessarily reverse the damage itself, but then natural healing will through normal scaring et all make it all safe enough.   Linus Pauling used up to 15,000 mg. and this took him from diagnosis at age 48 through his death at 92.

Now we learn something else.  At some point, IV Vitamin C in high doses at some point reaches a threshold where it starts to produce a strong Oxy reaction that directly attacks cancer cells not having the protective mechanism against vitamin C that normal cells have.  What this is actually a safe form of Chemo therapy that solely targets the cancer cells.

It still matters to use more direct therapies to also reduce the observed tumors.  This approach works wonderfully against metastasizing cancer in particular.

The future of cancer therapy will involve surgery and radiation where appropriate to eliminate as much of the problem as possible.  When and perhaps while that is working we start a program of IV vitamin C at levels over 30,000 mg per day.  It is also shown here that closely spaced oral Vitamin C can match the effect.

The take home is that this is a credible therapy protocol that combines all known therapies useful in reducing tumor size with vitamin C chemotherapy to scavenge and destroy remaining cancer cells.  

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