Friday, December 13, 2019

EU government opposes proposed law that would stop pedophilia

This is finally starting to happen.  The majority sentiment will be asserted to ultimately end this back door enterprise to make the world friendly to all forms of outright sexual perversion against children.

Understand that this is not about consenting adults, however dicey that can be.  This is about impacting legal minors lacking any legal standing.  Obviously sexuality is a well known issue of which everyone has a range of experiences of different types during their minority.

I have posted that we do need to work up a proper sexual training protocol constructed by true experts and also supported by parents.  It has to deal with puberty and post puberty behavior.  This is not an easy problem and i do not expect us the get it right immediately and that we will enter a path of managed experimentation aimed at best practice.  Yet it is certainly long overdue.

It also needs to be integrated with the doctrine of natural community as well as this will support natural outcomes.

For the record, i do note that something is seriously wrong with the homosexual lifestyle as well and that also needs a careful rethink that excludes predation which is plausibly worse than in heterosexual relations...

The interesting question is whether we can end up with superior outcomes for a greater number of society's members through training.  We expect to but then can we also separate it all from money and power?

EU government opposes proposed law that would stop pedophilia

Wednesday, December 04, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) Poland is taking a stand against pedophilia and sexual perversion by establishing clear boundaries when it comes to sex education in schools. Now, the European Union is intervening in the matter, claiming that Poland is violating “human rights” by denying students an open sex education.

Poland looks to protect children from sexual exploitation, but the citizens are facing opposition from the EU

According to the Polish Constitution, the citizens can submit their own referendum and call it to vote. Poland’s “Stop Pedophilia” bill holds public schools to new standards, preventing school officials from promoting sexual activity to minors under the guise of “education.” Over 265,000 Polish citizens have signed the measure, demanding new standards for sex education that protect children from sexual exploitation.

Disturbingly, the members of the European Union Parliament are contesting the bill, violating Poland’s sovereignty in the process. The EU wants to stop the bill because sex education is a matter of “access to health, including sexual and reproductive health.” In fact, 471 MEPs voted to condemn Poland’s “Stop Pedophilia” bill. These leftists in power claim the bill violates “human rights” because the bill supposedly criminalizes sex education to minors. Here’s the passage that the EU members have overwhelmingly condemned:

“Anyone who promotes or approves sexual intercourse or other sexual activity by a minor, in connection with performing the position, occupation or performing activities related to upbringing, education, health care or care of minors, or operating on school premises or other educational or child care institution, is liable to imprisonment up to 3 years.”

The bill imposes strong penalties for educators who encourage underage sex.

The citizens of Poland are fed up with the so-called “sex education” that is chiseling away at the minds of their children. Since 2013, the World Health Organization and the German Federal Center for Health Education have taken over the country’s sex education. Right now, children ages of 4-6 are required to learn about sexual feelings and how to express their own sexuality. Children between the ages of 6 and 9 are being taught about sexual consent, contraception, and the various ways to have intercourse. Children ages 9 to 12 are instructed on how to use condoms, how to have their first sexual experience, and how to achieve orgasm. When it comes to children ages 12 to 15, classrooms are required to engage students in discussion about sexual desires “in order to have safe and pleasant sex.”

According to LifeSiteNews, the “sex education” rules imposed by WHO intensively familiarize the students at every age with the concept of homosexuality, making young children question their desires and even their gender. This aggressive sex education introduces perverted thoughts into the minds of children, teaching students to act on their desires, instead of building healthy relationships. This leftist indoctrination teaches the next generation to take on cavalier attitudes toward sexuality. Polish citizens have every right to question these leftists ideas and change the “sex education” that is perverting their children’s minds. When public school officials begin talking to young students about their sexual desires, it not only perverts the child’s mind, but it also opens the door to the possibility of pedophilia and rape of that child.

The European Union has no business interfering in Poland’s affairs. All those MEPs who voted to stop Poland from setting new standards in sex education should be questioned. In the end, these leftists are the ones supporting the sexualization of children and the horrors of pedophilia.

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