Thursday, December 12, 2019

Heart Attack Proofing

What needs to be understood is that lifestyle will not stop the creation of heart plaques.  Certainly the problem is also triggered by chronic inflammation which implies that we are actually dealing with a deficiency of healing.  After all an inflammation is a healing event. so why does it not heal quickly in the first place?

This understanding conforms to chronic scurvy that obviously worsens as we age.  Thus the solid history of vitamin C augmentation.  Since my major Heart Attack in 2005, I have generally consumed around 8000 mgs of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid or alternatively calcium ascorbate all in powder form.  An actual angiogram conducted a couple of years ago confirms low risk for an attack, but also showed remnant persistence of the original plaques or at least the related scaring.

This item suggests that the beta blockers controlling blood pressure serves well to reduce inflammation which is reasonable and that the Statins he uses likely serve to reduce the plaque itself.  That is a conjecture, but it points to a plausible route to actual elimination.  Do note though that he is using a low dose of 5 mg which is what i am also doing.  i also use beta blockers and all that, but at the lowest levels.  My own blood pressure has been maintained at 120/60 with  a heart rate of 50.

We do need to properly confirm if low levels of Statins will reduce those plaques.  this is fine tuning the problem, but even a modest reversal will clearly eliminate most of the risk.

Linus Pauling showed us decades ago that vitimin C therapy clearly stabilizes the problem.   For him it covered a good forty years from his original diagnosis.  He actually maintained a dosage of around 15,000 mg which is a bit high for most of us and added 7000 mg lysine which supports the program.

My own experience shows that it is plausible to go from a high risk profile to a low risk profile essentially by taking plenty of vitamin C which our body does not produce at all..

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hillbilly dave said...

my best friend was pen pals with Linus Pauling in the 80's. my friend had a pretty severe cardiac event. took a very large dose of powdered vit. c which allowed him to drive to the er. refused medical treatment. a few years later, he was informed he had a grapefruit sized tumor in his left lung. treated himself for that, also, with success. he lived with yogananda as the first caucasian monk in america in 1939-40.