Thursday, September 19, 2019

maxwell story with Amazing Polly

 The apparent network is CIA originated and impossible to describe as a coincidence.  What emerges is a pattern of connected people who curiously used marriage to lock in alliances.  It is really too good to be true.

Yet this is real.

Merging human and machine is on the table with this crowd.  That drives their investing plans.  It also strongly implies guidance from the future as well.

Maxwell Sisters'-Big Tech Connection: Mind-Blowing Epstein-Related-Facts You Haven't Heard
 Amazing Polly shows how the Maxwell sisters backdoored the FBI, CIA, NSA with technology they control and how they had a huge impact on culture. Their father was a master spy - and the apples didn't fall far from the tree. Jeffrey Epstein is almost a distraction from what may be the bigger story around the Maxwell sisters and government software patents.

Amazing Polly shows the connections between Big Tech and the CIA's investment firm, In-Q-Tel. She goes into the story of Aaron Swartz' suicide, MIT Media Labs, the Santa Fe Institute,, and a mind-blowng update on the NASA Jet Propulsion Labs-Jack Parsons story.

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