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Big Pharma And CCP Collude To Destroy US?


Why should we feel safe?  The hidden reality is that Trump has been thwarted in imposing any form of change in this whole obscene monopoly.  He even had support from some Democrats to make the necessary changes.

Now understand that the vaccine racket is an ideal platform for actually directly attacking the human population of the USA. It is certainly under the control of our clear enemies the NWO NAZIs and by extension the CCP.  We have already come across claims that this is happening.  Throw in chem trails while you are at it.

The good news is that our government is no longer directly controlled by our undeclared enemies.  Mil Intel does not recruit stupid people and all this is been slowly counteracted.

The headline is an allegation.  It is certainly not baseless and the current and present threat of the old NAZIs is no joke either.  The clues were always out there. 


Big Pharma And Mainland Communist China Collude To Destroy US…
And At Least ONE Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Candidate Is Working With Them Openly, And Directly…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Many people in the English-speaking-world hear the words surrounding the concept of “Globalism,” but few have examples of what that concept means exactly.  I am about to explain it and give you a very strong example – the relationship between Big Pharma, Mainland Communist China and US Health Care policy.

 [ Why is there any such relationship? - arclein]

In earlier articles on the BolenReport our writer from Europe, Karma Singh explained the relationship between Big Pharma, Germany, the European Union, and Big Banks controlling world currency.  Karma’s important articles, found here make for an interesting explanation of Big Pharma’s attempted stranglehold of Europe.  Karma didn’t pull any punches…

So now, let’s go over to Asia…

The relationship between Big Pharma and Mainland Communist China…

If you want to find out what is REALLY going on in the world avoid US Main Stream Media (MSM).  Look elsewhere.  I certainly do.   John Harding Naisbitt, a man who stunned the world in the late 1980s and 1990s with his MEGATRENDS series of books predicting what the new millenium was going to be like used a little-known (at-the-time) research method:

“Naisbitt bases these conclusions on a research technique he calls “content analysis,” which involves analyzing the contents of some two hundred local American daily newspapers to detect emerging social trends. The author’s business consulting firm, The Naisbitt Group, pioneered this method in the early 1970s as the empirical basis for its respected quarterly newsletter, Trend Report. Content analysis has received mixed reviews from social scientists, with some academics dismissing it as a superficial and arbitrary cataloging of ephemera. Naisbitt himself, however, makes no pretense to scientific rigor, and many corporate and advertising executives find the method a valuable guide to emerging public attitudes and potential new markets if not to a deeper social reality.”

What was good enough a method for Naisbitt is good enough for me.

For years I’ve talked about Big Pharma’s relationship with China.  How did I know about it when MSM never covered the issue?  Easy answer – I looked for, and found, the small English language publications designed for those in the English-speaking world that did daily business with China.  There are hundreds of them – sometimes they just focus on one subject.  Yes, there are such publications that focus on the world of pharmaceuticals and their impact on, and by, China.  No, you will not find them on the first page of a Google search (these days you may not even find ACTUAL FACTS on the first page of a now-completely-propagandized Google search).

One thing becomes VERY clear, VERY quickly.  Big Pharma and Mainland Communist China are clearly colluding against America.
One of those small publications named “FierceBioTech” gives us this quote:

“Even with billions of dollars behind them, companies are enlisting outside help to crack China. And the new set of pressures and opportunities facing Big Pharma–globally and in China–are leading to unusual alliances. Pfizer, for example, has shacked up with a state-owned drugmaker to sell the products that have hurt it most, generics. It faces competition from AstraZeneca ($AZN) and Eli Lilly, which have invested in local partners to capture a slice of the branded generics market too.

Others have allied to target vaccines, notably GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK), which showed one possible endgame for successful joint ventures when it bought out its partner for $39 million. Collaboration is taking place in R&D too. Eli Lilly was an early mover–giving Chinese CRO ShangPharma a shot in the arm back in 2002–and has continued to work with local partners. But the game has evolved, with AstraZeneca and Merck Serono among those pushing new ways of investing in and working with CROs in China.

This myriad of approaches to investing in China masks two common goals: Make China an engine room for drug discovery, development and manufacturing; and capture a bigger slice of the ballooning market. With growth and innovation faltering in other markets, Big Pharma is heavily invested in hitting these two objectives.

Failure in China is simply not an option.”

Controlling US Health Care policy is paramount to Big Pharma and Mainland Communist China…

Why?  Because as President Trump says “America is where the money is.”

Way back on January 11th of 2017 the war over the control of America’s economy-destroying drug prices was almost solved.  ALMOST.    Democrats Amy Kobuchar and Bernie Sanders had added an Amendment onto a bill that would have allowed the DIRECT IMPORT of drugs to American Consumers from Canada CONSIDERABLY lowering drug prices.  It COULD HAVE passed – but it did not.  As Progressive Democrats lamented even Republican Senator Ted Cruz had voted for the Amendment.  President Trump was very much in favor of this bi-partison act.

What happened?  Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Candidate Cory Booker happened…

I don’t usually quote Progressive Democrats on ANY positive issue.  I live in California under the “Progressive” thumb.  Our streets are covered with feces and used needles.  Our illegal alien population gets better benefits than our veterans.  The California government wants the population to have a “Bullet Train” but not “bullets…”


Watch the short five minute video below and Jimmy Dore will explain the whole story from the “Progressive Democrat” point of view…

Pay close attention to the fact that thirteen Republican Senators voted FOR the Amendment including Ted Cruz and Rand Paul…

Big Pharma, PARTNERED with Mainland Communist China makes over 85% of all of the prescription drugs sold in the US…

Am I making my point?

Stay tuned…

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