Monday, September 30, 2019

Groasis cup lids eliminates plastic lids

This is a wonderful innovation.  It is a cup lid that actually does its job up to our expectations and then easily breaks down.  They had the exact same problem with their Groasis lids as well as those need to last around three years or so.

We really need to see the end of those plastic cap lids and this does it.  I am sure this will be adopted by the main chains in a heartbeat.  It just has to work and that does not actually include the breakdown aspect as that is a bonus.

I do not know if this can be used to replace plastic cups as well as that may well be a stretch.  The lids are still a great start.

We have great news concerning this week’s   World Cleanup Day.

According to the Earthday Foundation, over 16 billion coffee cups are used around the world every year. Each cup has a plastic lid that ends up as landfill or pollutes the oceans. Until now, nobody was able to develop a leakless lid that sticks to a paper cup. This week the world celebrates World Cleanup Day and cleans the environment.

On World Cleanup Day Groasis - chosen as No 1 of the 100 Most Innovative Companies of the Netherlands in 2018 and famous for its water saving inventions - introduces a paper lid, called the "Rafiki". Groasis’ revolutionary invention will help avoid dumping 16 billion plastic lids.

Groasis would like to share this invention with the world, to generate maximum impact.  In order to quickly solve the plastic lid pollution problem, lid producers around the world can obtain the right to produce and sell the "Rafiki". 

 The “Rafiki” lid is an evolution of the lid of Groasis’ Growboxx® plant cocoon. This intelligent bucket allows planting of trees in combination with vegetables (or other plants or bushes) in dry, hot and eroded areas, while using 90% less water than traditional drip irrigation.

Groasis spent 5 years to develop a lid that would stick to the Growboxx®. The reason was that at our first planting trials in 2013 the covers were blown away by the wind during storms, or by passing cars. Since the cover captures rain and helps plant vegetables, which grow hydroponically in the water inside the Growboxx®, we had to find a way to fix the lid to the box. The solution developed by Groasis to fix the lid to the Growboxx® could also be the solution for the immense pollution caused by plastic lids for coffee cups and carbonated drinks.
We are extremely happy to show this solution to the world, and to our supporters, the Green Musketeers. For more information about the Growboxx® plant cocoon, please check this link.

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