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The War Between God and Satan Manifests In Globalism vs Nationalism-Who Will Win?

The globalist dream is put together by a lot of stupid rich men and women.  That is the only way to characterize them and if they all subscribe to Lucifer then doubly so.  Throw in the pedophile conspiracy glue and it all becomes monstrous.

I want to say something about stupidity.  the Majority of the population and that includes almost all of you are average plus intelligence and are generally able to read a newspaper and fit comfortably into our culture.  Intelligence improves with education and practice such as reading books.  thus older does mean wiser through gathering information and experiences as well.  It is competitive out there so most of us do rise to the challenge society gives us.  

This does not necessarily make you talented and creative or even leadership gifted. Generally that cut is one person in twenty at best and likely the talented and creative aspect applies to one in twenty leaders.  Really capable leaders will bless a community of hundreds at least and possibly thousands.  They do not come easily and our political systems tend to chase them away through mediocrity.  That includes corporate.

Now we have a global cadre of very rich men who all inherited their wealth.  Most of these men are generations away from the smart boy who created the fortune.  These men and women almost by definition will be a group of terribly ordinary men and women who are rarely distinguished in any manner other than wealth.

These are exactly the sort of folks who can be seduced by the NAZI Dream and sexual perversion leading to the Luciferian Cult all protected by the natural secrecy of the Pedophile Conspiracy.  They may even fantasize about the Restoration.  They become easily stupid crazy and often lack the personal discipline to run away.  Throw in globalism set up from the NAZI template working to educate our most vulnerable young people in the universities and you have the present situation.

That it has also evolved into a perceived  conflict between GOD and SATAN is inevitable and this forces all to choose.  This will ultimately collapse the threat.  The White Wolves are running....

The War Between God and Satan Manifests In Globalism vs Nationalism-Who Will Win?

We are now living in a world that can be characterized as the Irresistible force vs the Immovable
object. Who will win the conflict vs the New World Order or will it be the New World Populism?
Globalism vs nationalism? God vs Satan? Which philosophy will prevail?

The famed father of modern sociology, Amatai, Etzioni, once said: “The family can exist without the state, but the state can never exist without the family”.

Humans value family and are tribal by nature. These relationships are ingrained into our DNA and this represents the way in which were shaped by our creator. However, there are those that will never submit to the will of the creator and attempt to undo all that is good about our collective social nature. However, this satanic approach to modern society is doomed to failure. The globalists (ie satanists) are swimming upstream and will never erase the automatic programming that came with the creator’s version of humanity and unfortunately, for the globalists, this will never change. Transhumanism represents a fatally flawed attempt to undo human nature as it is an open rebellion in response to the will of God. At the heart of humanity, people do not care about globalism. Only the power-hungry globalists care about globalism because it will bring the wealthy despots more power.
Multiple Shifts In the Power Paradigm

If a paradigm was to be constructed which represented the will of God with regard to the dominion over the Earth, it would look like the following: 


In short, man was bestowed with dominion over the earth by the Almighty.

However, the globalist paradigm as expressed through the mantra of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 (2030), looks like the following: 


The latter view is most often referred to as GAIA worship by the globalists and this paradigm is used to establish the pecking order of the globalists when it comes to such matters as climate change and environmentalism. It is decidedly anti-Christian, anti-family and flies in opposition to human nature.

There is a further shift in a traditional paradigm related to allegiances. Traditionally, and as Etzioni would state, people are loyal to family, tribe and maybe their country. However, with the new paradigm associated with concepts such climate change, the paradigm, once again, has been inverted. The globalists see loyalty to globalism as the only allegiance worthy of supporting. Concepts such as patriotism, nationalism and devotion to family and community are scorned by the globalists.

Some are probably wondering why I am rendering a philosophy lesson. These two opposing paradigms are coming into play in the French fuel price revolt.

On November 12, Extremist climate change proponent and radical globalist French President Macron stated:

(he) referred to nationalism as a “betrayal of patriotism” in pointed Armistice Day remarks that many consider to have been specifically directed at US President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies, according to several reports.

Macron went on to say that the EU needed to form a European army to defend against the nationalist interests of Russia, China and the US. Macron is telling the world that the next conflict is about globalism vs nationalism. This is expressed through Macron’s unwavering promotion of a climate change tax (ie globalism) on French fuel.

A rioting French activist, in opposition to the globalist climate change taxes on fuel, was interviewed by Sputnik News and the activist made the following statements:

“The anger was triggered by the fact of the fuel’s becoming too expensive, it was the last drop, but the real problem is all the French taxes. You have an income tax, social tax, employers’ contribution, wage cost and many more. And, finally, people do not have the same purchasing power, same liberties. Today people are united for the bigger form of liberty and equality, regardless of their social class, everybody wearing a yellow jacket is standing for the same thing”…

“It’s the French politics that stirred this global frustration. It’s a tax pressure and purchasing power that make people take to streets to be heard. Political and economic action in France does not satisfy the majority of the people … Those are fundamental every-day problems for people”…

Macron’s own citizens are violently saying no to his globalist-inspired politics. France is moving towards civil war. This theme is being played out all over the planet. People are saying no and hell no to globalism. This is the theme that is underlying all conflict on this planet. And simultaneously, there is another universal conflict on the planet. As the globalist invert the power structure of dominion of the earth being bestowed to man by God, people are also resisting globalism at is core based upon spiritual principles as well. The latter conflict can be accurately categorized as God vs Satan.

We have a case of the irresistible force vs the immovable object. This is not going to end well for humanity. I believe that the only thing that could unite humanity on a global level would be a global threat, such as Operation Blue Beam which is a fake alien invasion of the earth. This last statement is something now worth contemplating because the globalists are being resisted at every level.

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