Friday, December 28, 2018

Boring Tunnels Will Be 100 Times Cheaper and Paid For With Bricks from Tunnel Dirt

Cheap tunneling is definitely something worth achieving.  Just not likely to happen with this scene. Nothing is added and we have a century of effort behind us globally.

The problem is actually that difficult.  We presently slow grind our way forward.  Fast means heat and spot failures.  Thus we have to switch to a blow torch and popcorning rock.  That means 2000  F degrees.  Getting that to work will be difficult.

We shall see, but this sounds like promotional bull.  It is just not that easy.

Boring Tunnels Will Be 100 Times Cheaper and Paid For With Bricks from Tunnel Dirt 

Brian Wang | December 20, 2018 

The third generation Boring Tunneling machine will start construction next year and it should be 15 times faster than existing tunneling machines. The first generation machine made the first Hawthorn demo tunnel for 10 million. The Boring company could bring down the cost of tunnels by 20 to 100 times.

The Boring company will massively bring down the cost of tunnels and they could even be paid with the bricks that are generated from dirt.

Elon Musk wants to become his moleman company to make many layers of tunnels. Traffic will be relieved with dozens or hundreds of layers of tunnels. Traffic would become fully three dimensional.

They are only using guidewheels on autonomous electric vehicles. They will have a vehicle once a second.

The system is backwards compatible with the existing roads.3

The elevators will be assembled from pre-fabricated modules.

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