Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Qanon - Video on rising resignations and arrests

 This video reports on data mining work taking place that covers the past full year.  The news, unreported is that the rise in resignations is huge and continuing. 

In my opinion now this is all centered around the crime of pedophilia and the related systems of corruption needed to protect it.  Do know that another source has reported that pedophile arrests to date are over 6,000 since Trump took office.

It is not just sealed indictments been produced but a steady flow of significant resignations which confirms my expectation that those indictments include extensive interviews and the engagement of all police departments nationally which surely feeds back to the IG office.

Now you can understand the persuasive silence and panic developing out there.  Thousands if not tens of thousands have received the inside tip that they will be arrested and charged. .  .


1 comment:

Kane said...

I'll believe it when I see perpatraitors hanging by the neck until dead.
Until then...this is just more "hope porn".