Thursday, December 13, 2018

Flying Red-Eyed 'Gargoyle' Suddenly Vanishes in Rockford, Illinois

Definitely a  large gargoyle.  Much more important it was able to order the observers to both stop seeing it but also to forget the incident.  We have seen this before and now we are alert to the phenomena which makes it easier.

The bottom line is that they can suppress our senses to maintain stealth.  We have already understood that their population is much larger than a single sighting indicates.

We have seen the same phenomena elsewhere with other animals.  

Flying Red-Eyed 'Gargoyle' Suddenly Vanishes in Rockford, Illinois 

 Thursday, November 29, 2018

I recently received a telephone call from an elderly woman ('SS') in Rockford, Illinois who witnesses a winged humanoid in 1999, along with her husband and a close friend.

The incident occurred during the summer, in the early evening when there was a full moon. The trio was relaxing on the friend's front porch, which was located on Willard Ave. W, near Auburn High School and Cottonwood Airport in Rockford, Illinois.

During a conversation, the friend stopped talking and began to stare across the street. SS looked in the same direction, and noticed a dark gray winged humanoid slowly flying near a large tree. SS stated that it seemed like the being 'was in slow motion' as it glided toward the tree. The friend said 'do you see that?' The witnesses were close enough to notice that it had small cat-like ears and intense red eyes. There were no other facial features visible. It was quite muscular throughout the body and had 2 defined legs, and had arms that attached to the wings.

She stated that the winged humanoid was 7ft in length with a wide wing span. The wings were like those of a bat with a leather-like membrane. Apparently the being perched in the tree, but again took flight. This is when SS's husband took notice. The winged being was gliding towards a pair of large pine trees, as it's legs were 'kicking up and down' while in flight.

The being flew between the 2 pine trees, and then suddenly 'vanished.' SS said 'gargoyle,' and her friend acknowledged 'yes, a gargoyle.'

After the incident, SS stated that they seemed to have forgotten the encounter until a year later when she asked her friend if she remembered the sighting. Her friend said she had, but had also forgotten the incident.

SS's son told her about the recent reports and suggested she call me. He was also aware of the winged humanoid sightings in the Chicago area.

NOTE: this is the 2nd sighting of a winged humanoid in which it suddenly vanished. The other sighting was in Chicago, a few blocks from Wrigley Field. This is also the 5th sighting in the Rockford, Illinois area. Local 'Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research' members will be following up with the witness. Lon

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