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Penre - Pike and Socialism

If you turn your ideas on socialism upside down, it is the extension of the divine right of kings.  There exists the ruling class  and all others.  The others are provided only enough to survive and all else accrues to the ruling class.  The ruling class organizes around the meme of hierarchy to which few of those others ever get access.

That is why the dregs of the aristocracy and their natural imitators are typically attracted to it and promote it.

The problem is that all forms of hierarchy draws in the pedophile satanists clique as they provide naturally loyal organization and glue and a hierarchy that is generational becomes deeply entrenched

This can be countered today with the advent of the rule of twelve along with the natural community.  None of this was readily possible before modernity.

The Wes Penre Papers: Introductory Paper #1: Basic Information on the Global Elite a.k.a. “The Shadow Government”

by Wes Penre, 1998

Albert Pike (1809 - 1891), the man destined to develop the Luciferian Doctrine for the Masonic hierarchy, could not accept that Lucifer and Satan were the same personality. While teaching his beliefs to a select few in the Supreme Council, Pike became the most powerful Mason in the world. 

Although an obscure general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, he was hardly inconspicuous in Freemasonry. From 1859 until his death in 1891, Pike occupied simultaneously the positions of Grand Master of the Central Directory at Washington, D.C., Grand Commander of the
Supreme Council at Charleston, S.C., and Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry. He was an honorary member of almost every Supreme Council in the world, personally receiving 130 Masonic degrees. Pike also was one of the most physically and morally repulsive individuals in American history. Weighing well over three hundred pounds, his sexual proclivity was to sit naked astride a phallic throne in the woods, accompanied by a gang of prostitutes. To these orgies he would bring one or more wagon loads of food and liquor, most of which he would consume over a period of two days until he passed into a stupor. In his adopted state of Arkansas, Pike was well known as a practitioner of Satanism, 

Portraits of his later years show him wearing a symbol of the Baphomet around his neck."
Scarlet and the Beast, John Daniel, vol 1

"Masonry gives rogues and evil - minded characters an opportunity of visiting upon their devoted victim, all the ills attending combined power, when exerted to accomplish destruction. It works unseen, at all silent hours, and secret times and places; and, like death when summoning his diseases, pounces upon its devoted subject, and lays him prostrate in the dust. Like the great enemy of man, it has shown its cloven foot, and put the public upon its guard against its secret machinations."

"Membership of secret societies such as freemasonry can raise suspicions of a lack of  impartiality or objectivity. It is therefore important the public know the facts. I think it is the case that the freemasons said they are not a secret society but a society with secrets. I think it is widely accepted that one secret they should not be keeping is who their members are in the criminal justice system."
Home Secretary Jack Straw, 1997 Home Affairs Committee England

"It is generally agreed that the biggest single influence in the modern expansion of ritual magic, and the occult explosion in general, in the Western world, was the Golden Dawn. 

This magical fraternity, founded by Freemasons at the end of the 19th century, developed a complex ritual system with ten degrees of initiation relating to the Cabalistic Sephiroth." 

(World renown witches, Janet and Stewart Farrar, authors of A Witches Bible Complete)
Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Life and Times of A Modern Witch, Phoenix Publishing Company, p. 121 [2].

The reason good intended people stay members of such destructive organizations is probably because of its non - democratic structure and chain of commands. The lower - grade Brother is not entitled to know what is on the grade above and curiosity drives him into the mystic. Also, the discipline and secrecy is very strict and punishment can be severe if one fails to comply. In this manner the very few evil men at the top can control the many ignorant people below. It is probably that simple, and of course a basic form of mind control. Any religious cult works in the same manner and has a similar

It was Socrates who came up with the idea of Democracy. Personally I am sure that democracy is not the best option for a society. It has always showed to fail, as it requires political involvement from the public, who is supposed to be the real power. Groups of people have shown to be easily manipulated and controlled throughout history and made to believe they live in a democracy when in fact the real power has covertly changed to the favor of the politicians (or rather those who pull the strings on the
politicians). The true definition of democracy is when politicians are elected and employed by the people to achieve the needs and goals of common man. [ Recall the agenda of Trump and what he is doing] The true meaning of democracy seems to have been buried and forgotten in the modern society. 

That's what manipulation is all about. A better political system would probably be Meritocracy, which supports each person's personal abilities and strengthens them so each of us have a very fair chance to become what we want with help from the collective society.  [ not quite true as it is also hierarchic as well - arclein ]
The United Nations is nothing else but the World police for the Illuminati, founded to be able to step in and take military control over a country or a region which is countering the Agenda. Don't think it is a coincidence that the Temple of Understanding is positioned in the UN headquarters.

Socialism is the political system the Black Order uses to enslave the people on Earth. The red banner is the private symbol of their biggest sponsors - the Rothschild's - and is actually their family - banner. This family has since the 1700's worked on bringing about socialism. The banker Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743 - 1812) was the first member of this family who worked for, and financed it. Today the Rothschild's own the F - U Central bank, but few people know that many of the European Banks were founded by the Rothschild's and owned by them. Central banks is a basic thesis for the upcoming of  socialism.

[ Can you imagine how stupid these people are? arclein ]

The Rothschild's have invested plenty of money into the Environmental Movement to counter the nuclear - power industry, which wanted to build up its own free energy through nuclear power. 

National independency and sovereignty are things the Illuminati are up against. And when the oil resources come to an end, the nuclear power will replace the oil, and therefore the Rothschild's have bought 80% of the world assets of Uranium. This way they will have world control over energy, which means it will never be free ...

[ again a stupid strategy. - Dark matter energy release is trivial and accomplished by Tesla in 1910. - arclein ]

The Anti - Christ

As a part of the plan is the uprising of a new Anti - Christ. He is supposed to come as a "man of peace", but will show to be a false Messiah, and when he has convinced the peoples of different religions around the world that he is the one they have been waiting for, he will turn into being an oppressive dictator - the Anti-Christ in the Bible.

The following is another quote from Manly P. Hall, 33° Freemason; one of the greatest authorities on secret societies in general, and Freemasonry in particular:
'There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has secret destiny..
The outcome of this 'secret destiny' is a World Order ruled by a King with supernatural powers. This King was descended of a divine race; that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family of heroes - perfected human beings.'  Manly P. Hall 33° Mason, The Secret Destiny of America[2]  

[  Oh really- royal fantasy at work here.  The true world order will be governed by the rule of twelve called to council to establish consensus by the enlightened ones or those who master the inner sun and become healers, but take no part in the decisions.  Bloodlines are totally not involved nor can they as they are unsustainable. arclein ]

The Bilderbergers One of the most powerful front groups of the Illuminati, which also works as a secret society in itself, is the Bilderberg Group ( This is a group which was created in the beginning of the 50's by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (former SS - officer) and the Polish socialist Joseph Retinger, one of the founders of the European movement. 

These two persons decided meetings on a regular basis for the European foreign - ministers.
Their first meeting occurred in Hôtel Bilderberg in the Dutch Oosterbreck between the 29 - 31 of May 1954, thus the name of the group.
The first Bilderberg conference in Oosterbreck, 1954 The core of the group consists of an Elite of people, counted to 39, called the Steering Committee. They are not elected and was originally led by Prince Bernhard, a close friend to the British Crown.
Since 1954, meetings have been arranged at least once a year on different locations each time - very secret. The members are around 120 persons from the high finance circles of Western Europe, the US and Canada. Although the meetings are very hidden and nothing, or very little leaks to the international media (which is natural, as most of the Media Moguls are Bilderbergers; so much for free press).
Invited are also political leaders from different countries. Their flight - tickets are paid by the Committee, and there is free food and drinks etc. The purpose of the group is a World Government by the year 2012 and a global army through the UN. The take - over is partly planned to involve computers.
The Bilderberg Group is also called the "invisible world government". Because of the character of the meetings it is clearly bribery on the behalf of the politicians who are taking part. Here they are suggested to betray their own countries by selling out their sovereign states to the EU and American Union against the Constitutions of the countries they represent, thus deceiving their own people ... 

This is what many of our elected politicians secretly are doing behind our backs - it is Treason at the best.
Information has occasionally leaked after these meetings. Insiders have reported what has been decided behind people's backs to destroy their countries. The credibility of these leaks are high due to that the information we have managed to receive in secret has more often than not showed to be accurate, because the events planned by the Bilderbergers have later happened, and the Media, which was present at the meetings, said nothing to warn us of coming events.

The Trilateral Commission

David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, also known as "ZBig" among insiders.
The Trilateral Commission( (click link for membership list,, a semi - secret society, officially founded in June 1973[3] by David Rockefeller (Illuminati) and Zbigniew Brzezinski, "ZBig", (Illuminati and Barack Obama's sponsor and advisor), was created because the already established organizations, like the UN, were too slow in establishing a World Government. This commission consists of the industrial and commercial giants of the "trilateral nations"; USA, Japan and Western Europe. The members are all of the Elite, coming from different branches of Freemasonry world - wide to give the Bilderbergers a broader political basis. The 200 members are permanent and in this case different from the Bilderbergers, who a re invited, except for the Steering Committee.
The Trilateral Commission controls through the CFR members (see below) the whole U.S. economy, politics, military, oil, energy and media lobbies. The members are chairmen of different companies, bankers, real estate agents, economists, scientists, lawyers, publishers, politicians, union leaders, presidents of Foundations and newspaper columnists.
If you still don't believe that these people want a World Government and destroy America and sovereignty in general, please read David Rockefeller's Biography, Memoirs [2002]. In this book he says, among a lot of other interesting things:
"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well - publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will.
If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it [my emphasis].

The Council on Foreign Relation (CFR)

This semi - secret organization was established in 1971 and the members of this secret society are exclusively Americans and Canadians. Today the CFR [4] holds a tight control over the countries of the Western World, with help from sister - organizations and its mother - organization in Britain, the "Royal Institute of International Affairs" (RIIA), with Queen Elisabeth II at the top, her being one of the top Illuminatus on Earth. The CFR is in its turn controlled by the Rockefellers and also works for a Global Government. The inner core is the dark Order of Skull & Bones(, where George HW Bush and George W Bush ( are members, as well as John Kerry (, the two latter both admitting to it in public interviews. Just click on their names, respectively, and watch the video clips for proof.
Where To Go From Here
Now, when you have been briefed on the world situation as a whole, it is time to go into more details of the many issues mentioned above.
Illuminati News ( is a large database, where you hopefully will find the answers to many of your questions about life and how this world is run. It may be overwhelming to see all this information at first, but there is a strategy for this webpage. I suggest that you start by going to the Site Map.  Then choose the part that intrigues you the most at the moment and start there.
The information about the Global Elite, extremely compressed and simplified in this Paper, is a mandatory read before you go to my “First Level of Learning”(, , which is teaching you whom this Global Elite works for and why they are so obsessed with control. It will teach you about the extraterrestrial forces, physical and interdimensional, who are pulling the strings on the 13 Illuminati bloodlines.
Once you feel you have absorbed the basic information in this Paper and are ready to move on to the next level, please visit, and continue from there.
Good Luck, 

Wes Penre
Police High school Library, Satanism, A 205 Basic Course II police High school autumn 1991;
authors: Ingela Göransson and Lena Martinsson, Sweden.
Quotes borrowed from the following source:
The Trilateral Commission was in fact secretly founded in 1972, not in 1973.
An excellent reference is James Perloff's book: "The Shadows of Power(
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Good references on the Black Nobility:;
The book can be ordered directly from Mr. Coleman by calling his office, or write to him: 1 (800) 942 - 0821, W.I.R., 2533 North Carson St., Suite J - 118, Carson City, NV 89706.
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