Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Did I Encounter the Mogollon Monster?


I suspect he camped in the home range of a Giant Sloth..   It was not traveling fast and there were a lot of bones lying about which is unusual, but does conform to a giant Sloth who leaves meat out to become a maggot farm.

He also woke up strongly suggesting he sensed a predator close by.  This is common in lion country.  The slowness was also a stalking motion.

This is not Sasquatch behavior as well.  They tend to move briskly to fast.  On the other hand, i have come to realize that the Giant Sloth is not an effective runner and clearly spares itself.  At least twice it confronted a target and did not give chase.  Considering what we know this seems reasonable.

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Did I Encounter the Mogollon Monster? 


Wednesday, December 05, 2018 

I recently came across the following account:

This summer I spent a lot of time camping. I live in AZ, so the best place to get out of the heat is in the Flagstaff area, also known as the Mogollon Rim. My goal when finding a camping spot is to get far away from anyone. I bring everything I need, water, toilet, etc. so I can really just enjoy nature without sounds of ATVs or other campers bothering me. I have a lifted SUV so I can go where most people won't and it helps to get the perfect spot.

We picked a forest road near Ashurst Lake, and drove over a rocky road for about an hour until we found a good spot by a dried up lake bed. It was tucked in the trees off the road. Beautiful spot. It had a well-worn game trail that went through it and across the dry lake bed. We saw a few wolves on the day we arrived, and some deer or elk, but the wildlife seemed to avoid us after they saw humans were in their territory.

During the day I walked around collecting bones, I found quite a few from deer / elk. I was bored and feeling a bit morbid so I made a windchime out of the bones and hung it up outside of my tent like a creepy art project.

I was laying in the tent that night, my dog and SO were asleep already, and I found myself awake for some reason. Not sure if I had trouble sleeping or I heard a noise and woke up. But I definitely heard something now.

There was no background noise, no owls, no crickets, nothing, except for the thing that was in my camp. It was SLOW, heavy steps in the tall grass right through our camp site. It was so slow, like one step every couple seconds, it had to be bipedal. No shuffling, just CRUNCH... CRUNCH... CRUNCH. We were miles from anyone, we only saw a few cross country ATV's the whole trip, and they went back the way they came. No one else was out there, then suddenly we have this bipedal creature walking through our campsite?

I had a pistol on the ground next to me but I dared not even move. I didn't want to wake up my SO. I just laid there and waited, barely wanting to breathe, just seeing what would come next.

It walked right by our tent, kept walking with it's slow pace, the noise fading slowly as it wandered deeper into the woods.

The next day I told my SO and she wasn't happy. At the time I thought it was a skinwalker, something along those lines. A magic humanoid who came to take a look. Today I learned about the Mogollon Monster, which is essentially a Sasquatch who lives in the wilderness around Flagstaff. Did I have a run in with the famous Mogollon Monster? BTY

NOTE: I'm not sure what this witness experienced, but it is an area that has had a lot of strange activity over the centuries. Here is a previous post - Searching for the Mogollon Monster. Lon

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