Monday, August 27, 2018

Secret Military Tribunals


I admit to been caught out here.  When things were clearly going down in November, the lack of actual information lulled me to sleep.  I do not know the source of this information but patriot hour walks through it all.

This is a military operation and there is no way you do not grab the enemy leadership first.  That turns out to be about fifty folks.  As it turns out it is necessary to actually co opt them or their tools live on to create more problems.

Thus they were not only arrested but also marched through  a court martial and sentenced to death by firing squad.  This took place literally over days.

These folks were then given the choice of complete disgorgement and cooperation or summery execution now.  If it all succeeds they simply go to jail.

So they are all walking about but acting to support the plan to take down the MSM, the DEEP STATE and the global trafficking network.

Arrests are easy, but it is much harder to destroy their institutions.  Now you understand the real program. 

What is confirmed is that we will see 50,000 trials during 2019 and these will be public.  The role of the Cabal will also become public as well.

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