Monday, August 13, 2018

Mysterious ‘Pyramids’ Are Spotted on the Atlantic Ocean Floor

Let me explain something.  I have been expecting evidence of pyramids in this exact location for years.  This the first real occurrence to be properly reported or at least brought to my attention.

These were all port cities of the European Bronze Age and were sunk in 1159 BC by the same events that ended the whole Atlantean sea trade based civilization.  I have been posting now for years that the annual copper fleet from all of he Americas but principally from Poverty point and Lake Superior would gather here before making their run to the Irish Sea and Lewis in particular.  This area could hardly be more important.  It also collected brass from the mines in nearby Georgia.

Pyramids are built world wide and they are mostly associated with the Bronze Age from 2500 BC through 1159 BC.  This also had a long more local prehistory.

Earlier pyramids appear also but they are associated with a civilization that predated the 12900 BC destruction of the Great Ice Age through a comet strike causing the Pleistocene nonconformity.


Mysterious ‘Pyramids’ Are Spotted on the Atlantic Ocean Floor
Conspiracy theorists claim they have found two or three ancient underwater structures off the coast of the Bahamas.
Scott Waring, who created the UFO Sightings Daily website, is a regular contributor who was using Google Earth to scour the ocean floor for anomalies, when he came across the strange shapes. Speaking in the SecureTeam10 video, Mr. Waring said: ‘I found these two pyramids on the ocean floor near New Providence island, that it is not far from Florida.
‘The lines on the pyramids are easy to make out and are proof that the nearby island was once inhabited by an ancient man or Aztec-like people. ‘Narrator Tyler Glockner agrees with Mr. Waring’s assessment, adding: ‘I have to say these do look like pyramids, obviously ancient pyramids that would have some weathering over the years.
‘One thing about the ocean is that it actually preserves things much better, because you’re not out there in the open air where things can rust and deteriorate.
‘If these are pyramids, they could be much much older than, say, the ruins found on Earth that are barely still there and have nearly crumbled to dust.’
The pair point out that the two pyramids are not the same, with one appearing to be a perfect three sided structure, like the Great Pyramid of Giza. A third ancient underwater pyramids was found off the Atlantic Coast of Florida which few people know exist. Multiple sources of information about the pyramids are available, but for simplicity most of the following information is from Bill Hanson’s book “The Atlantis Triangle.”

Hanson notes that the three pyramids are equally spaced – about 35 miles apart – on the west side of the Gulf Stream. To add to the mystery, three other underwater pyramids have been seen on the east side of the Gulf Stream. Those are 25 to 30 miles apart and located near Walker’s Cay, Great Sale Cay and the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. Typically, the underwater pyramids have been seen after violent storms have temporarily swept away some of the sand covering the ancient structures.
Pilots flying low over the pyramid’s location stated, “All my magnetics had gone to zero. Then a strange hue occurred all around me. At about 600 feet above water in the air that bright crimson hue simply baffled me.”The 240 HP Continental began to be the most crazily running engine I have ever had the experience to feel. It became motionless no matter what I did with the throttle and pumps. It glided and floated smoothly for at least two miles. Then the engine simply started itself. I could not dive because I was already on top of the water. Then I realized that some force was pulling toward a westerly direction. . . After landing and getting inspection of Radio Communication and units, every last unit was blown, shorted out by some high frequency electronic shock, or mysterious high voltage in the air.” Thanks to Scott C. Waring* Warring

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