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Native American heritage is America’s heritage with robert thornton

Native American heritage is America’s heritage



 What is described here is disturbing to say the least.  It is as if all those ignorati you left behind after high school had headed into the woods to create their own barbarism and thought it was all right.  Another reason so many huddle in our cities.

Yet we try to make sense out of our world.  Do conspiracies really exists or are these initiatives the action of an effective mob who discovers an unprotected target.  It is hard to tell.

Our education system must up its game.  Even reading the bible to a class for one hour has enormous value.  It is how our ancestors learned their culture for thousands of years.  It still works as few of our peers truly master reading well enough to fully exploit it.  Our history stories respond as well.

Native American heritage is America’s heritage

The Spiritual Path of Native Americans could also become America’s salvation.

There are a whole bunch of people in the United States, who seem unaware that what they say and do these days is quite insane. Atrocities, such as those in Las Vegas and Orlando, are merely the tip of the societal ice berg. Meanwhile, there are many nations in the world, who dream of destroying the United States.  Russian imperialists want revenge for the breakup of the Soviet Union, by breaking up the our nation and NATO.  Muslim extremists see the United States and NATO as the only barriers to obeying Mohamed’s command in the Quran to capture the Vatican. 

If anyone is going to bring the nation back into the realm of sanity, it apparently will have to be Native Americans.  Rather than segregating ourselves into the image of being outsiders, indigenous descendants in the United States should stress that they represent the sane, moral values upon which healthy, self-sustaining societies are based.  The true “others” are those who have led our nation into self-worship, mindless violence, the sanctification of greed and the destruction of the natural environment.  

The $300 million drug bust in my county is eventually going to shock the public.  Trails are leading back to the Russian Mafia. However, the ground troops, who protected this operation were white Neo-Nazi’s from former “moonshine” families, who deluding themselves into thinking that they were “Christian Patriots.”  A substantial share of the profits went to support ultra-rightwing politicians and arm those, who want to fight a second Civil War.  These suckers would fulfill Vladimir Putin’s dream of a disunited United States, but are too stupid to know it.

They’re just robots and don’t know it

Over 20 years ago, when I was Principal Planner in the Cobb County, GA government, I was invited to several Republican socials.  At the time, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Representative Bob Barr lived in Cobb and were at the peak of their power. Usually both men attended these parties to raise campaign donations. Conversations at these parties revolved around strategies for impeaching President Clinton and maintaining the control over Southern blue collar whites.

In a circle of political potentates, Gingrich joked that he could tell the white trash in Georgia that the Liberals and Gays were plotting to outlaw the use of pistols for suicide.  He said that they are so stupid that most of them would rush home that night and put a gun to their heads.  At the time, I laughed along with the others at this joke, but now I am not so sure that it was an exaggeration.  

Nevertheless, what immediately was obvious to me was that the wealthy “big shots,” who Southern blue collar whites idealized, actually held their most loyal voters in complete contempt.

Should it be any surprise then that these same thralls have been lured into quasi-secret organizations, which call themselves “Patriots,” but in fact are funded by the profits from selling meth and other poisonous drugs?  These groups are ultimately controlled by madmen and organized crime moguls, who want to destroy the United States.

A one-sided version of history

Invariably, journalists ask me why I put so much energy into the study of our Native American heritage, when I receive very little income from it.   My first response is that it is a lot more fun than dealing with real estate developers, who thought that they knew everything because they were wealthy . . . when much of time here in North Georgia, their wealth originally came from laundered drug money.  Well . . . they were once haughty . . . most of them went bankrupt eight years ago.

Seriously, I feel blessed that I have been put into a position to accomplish what my mother’s generation couldn’t.  An often honored teacher, my mother dreamed of putting the real Native American history of the Southeastern United States into the history books and also changing the focus of state history texts to the lives of “regular folks.”

I share that dream.  I look forward to the day when students around North America pick up their history books and learn that the real human history of the United States and Canada began with the Ice Age . . . not when Jamestown or Quebec was founded.  Mexican history text books have long begun with the Ice Age, because their educators recognize that the majority of Mexicans carry indigenous genes.

Making a scene at football games

There is a new question.  Twice in the past two weeks, journalists have asked me what I thought about the current fad of people kneeling during the National Anthem to protest past wrongs. Shouldn’t Native Americans be doing this also?

They seemed shocked when I responded that I didn’t think about it at all.  Personally, I always stand with pride when the National Anthem is played. This is my country and no one is going to take it away from me.  

Again, this is my opinion, but I told them that doing such symbolic acts was counterproductive.  Rather than painting themselves as outsiders with such symbolic acts, they should instead emphasize the major role that African Americans have played in the nation’s economic development and current cultural vitality.  Beautiful Downtown Savannah was made possible by the labor of African Americans picking lots and lots of cotton.  

I added that few people would have even noticed the fad, had not the media sensationalized it to sell advertising it and political demagogues sought to use it as a hate issue for their thralls.  They have beaten the “Crooked Killary Thang” to death.   

The “hate libruls thing” has not gone well.  First, 95% of Americans are not even political.  We are mainly concerned with economic survival, family issues and having a good time.  Then it was embarrassing when “librul radical terrorists” started using the same violent, irrational tactics that the KKK has used for a century.  By the way, you dummies sending me the unsolicited propaganda.  The words, “liberal” and “radical” have completely opposite meanings.

Well . . . it all reads out of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  The demagogues pick out a small minority for the thralls to hate, so they will forget that they are being robbed blind by the demagogues.

Native Americans have allowed crazy people to establish the norms 

State history and anthropology textbooks in the United States treat Native American history as the history of “others.”   This is what the founders of the People of One Fire have always been determined to change.  For example, I have found that the archaeological reports from the LAMAR Institute at the University of Georgia’s Department of Anthropology consistently call Native Americans . . . Indians  . . . and Caucasians . . . Americans.  In other words, these archaeology professors consider only whites to be “real” Americans.  Yes, really!  If you don’t believe me, read their archaeological reports on the Nacoochee and Kenimer Mounds.

Native Americans should be considered just as much American as the immigrants, who squatted on our lands. In fact, they should be considered the real Americans. Indigenous heritage sites should be honored equally with such places as Jamestown, Virginia . . .  Port Royal, Nova Scotia  . . . and St. Augustine, Florida.  ALL indigenous burials should be governed by the exact same laws that govern the burials in Old Town Quebec, New York City and Waycross, Georgia. 

If you find Native American skeletons in Birmingham, Alabama, bury them with honor in a dedicated cemetery. Don’t dump them in a pit near the Coosa River!  The current NAGPRA laws were created by the federal bureaucracy, for the federal bureaucracy and to create more bureaucracy within federally-recognized tribes.  

My Christian Creek and Uchee ancestors were unearthed from a Methodist cemetery in Ruckers Bottom on the Savannah River. Caucasian skeletons in Ruckers Bottom were immediately re-interred at a new cemetery above the water level of Lake Russell.  My Native ancestors’ bones were first offered by the Feds to the Eastern Band of Cherokees in North Carolina, who refused them.  The 100+ skeletons were held in a warehouse for several decades then buried en masse in a pit over 300 miles away at Moundville, AL State Archaeological Park.

That comical example of bureaucracy-behaving-badly is symptomatic of the situation that indigenous peoples have been manipulated into accepting as norm. The totally out-of-touch-with-reality staff of the US Forest Service in Gainesville, GA thought it was quite sane in 2012 for USFS personnel to cut down over a 100 trees to block the 200 year old access trail to the Track Rock Ruins and and then claim that a wind storm blew down few small trees and then when photographs proved otherwise, claim that Cherokee Nation officials 800 miles away in Oklahoma told them to do it.

Home grown crazy squatters

Well, my Creek grandparents would have called them “no good, edge-of-towner, white trash, “ but I will just use the word squatter.  I will close with some personal examples of how an insane squatter can do a lot of damage to a whole lot of people.  Of course, a recent, most horrific example occurred in Las Vegas.

My troubles began in 2000 when a delusional ex-Marine in Pickens County, GA law enforcement decided that I was a Communist draft evader because I worked in Sweden less than a year.   He filled the state crime information system with poppycock such as that I had served two prison terms for violent crimes and was a suspect for many vile crimes such has serial murders, being a major drug dealer, molestation of children of both genders, a male prostitute and a predator of college coeds.  

His sick mind was at work from almost immediately after my relocation to Pickens County in June 2000. I had an illegal, but magistrate-approved wire tap on my phone for 9 ½ years. Somehow, he always was able to have a key to my house, even after changed locks.  

When I visited the Jasper United Methodist Church for the first time . . . at a Wednesday night family dinner . . . all the people at my table simultaneously rose and moved to another table.  Throughout the nine years of hell in that community, local Nazi’s killed two of my dogs and constantly were attacking every other aspect of my life. They poured dirt into my HVAC system and dismantled my lawn mower.  They fried all of the electronics of my architecture equipment, while I was at real estate closing for re-financing my loan.  They stole my shop tools the day before I was to start work on my first model for the Creek Nation.  They discharged the freon from my air conditioning condenser then turned down the thermostat to 55 in early April –causing my entire HVAC system to be destroyed and a fire to break out along a electric cable. They sabotaged my car several times.  Twice I had to buy another car, because the damage was so severe.  . . . etc., etc..   

In their sick minds, these insane Nazi’s were doing good deeds to support the Prezident and THE WAR by ridding their community of librul queers.  I’m not gay and frequently dated women from outside the county . . . but they were convinced that I was a librul queer, because I had an IQ over 75, was an Injun and was not a member of the PARTY.  In fact, the bodies of at least 23 men and women, presumed to be homosexual, have been found in the national forest land of Pickens County.  One straight, married professional bicyclist was gunned down on a state highway, because his racing uniform had bright colors.  The never-arrested killers thought he was gay because of the bright colors.

Down the street was a female squatter in a Habitat for Humanity house.  On two occasions, her boyfriend dropped by to briefly see her with his pickup bed filled with iced and human body.  He then rendezvoused at the other end of the street with a truck hauling a front end loader (bulldozer).  They drove off northward to some anonymous tract of land.  They were doing their part to support the Prezident and the War by disposing of bodies.  Local squatter cops knew about the body disposal service and did nothing about it.  I did not know whose bodies were being disposed and I really did not want to find out.

Of course, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation eventually removed this garbage about me from their computer, but my reputation was stained for the entire nine years of hell in Pickens County.  Two weeks after the Assistant Director of the Crime Information System removed the false data on me, his two parents in Gainesville, GA were murdered in their beds. Was there a connection?  I don’t know, but he soon after retired from the GBI at age 38.

Even though I had just won a major architectural award for the restoration of the 1870 Bartow County, GA courthouse,  the Pickens County commissioner refused to let me even submit my qualifications for designing an addition to their courthouse.  Gawd is the addition they put up, ugly!   When the State of Oklahoma sent out a press release announcing that I had been selected to design the Trail of Tears Memorial in Tulsa, the Pickens County Progress newspaper refused to publish the article, even though the Atlanta Journal Constitution did.  

The whole “being evicted on Christmas Eve” thang in 2009 was meant to show residents of Pickens County what happens to people, who refuse to become insane like their powers-that-be.  It kind of back-fired on them, so by the time I moved from a chicken house in Union County to this hovel in the Dahlonega area, I was the national architecture columnist for the Examiner and about to be on national television because of discoveries made while I was homeless.

Crazy squatters that don’t even know they’re crazy

Here in the far more civilized Dahlonega, GA area, the emphasis has shifted among the Nazi squatters from direct persecution to social manipulation.  There are only a few dozen Nazi squatter families in this county, but their impact on criminal activity and projection of ignorance can often exceed their numbers . . . despite the fact that the vast majority of residents represent all that is best in the United States.

These squatters espouse all the typical neo-Nazi insanities like equating “do-gooders and tree huggers” to Satan and fascism with Christianity.   Apparently, they also equate organized crime and running drugs with Christianity.  The profits from the biggest drug bust ever ($300 million) that recently occurred in this county, plowed much of its profits into buying military arms, training “patriotic” domestic terrorists and bribing politicians. 

Very soon after arriving here, “someone” put a tracking device or devices in my car.  I am trying to persuade law enforcement to remove it, since it is illegal and I can’t afford the $1600 to $2400 that certain private detective agencies in Atlanta demand for removing such things.   

I am still not sure whether my car was being tracked on a University of Georgia Campus Police screen or some other law enforcement agency.  In 2013,  I was interviewing a lady for an Examiner article on agriculture.  She suddenly received a cellular call from a person with a “US Government” phone ID.  The man told her that she was being watched by a satellite . . . that I was crazy and to not pay any attention to what I said about the Mayas.  Shaken up afterward, she asked me what a Maya was.

Nevertheless, among the squatters, the temptation of a tracking device was more than they could resist.  It gives them a warm, fuzzy feeling to secretly have control over others. 

For two years, a certain University of North Georgia campus cop would race out to Morrison Parkway to protect the coeds from me as I was passing the edge of the campus on the way to Walmart or Atlanta.  Rogue cops then planted coeds as cashiers at the Fresh and Frugal Supermarket, since I never went on the campus. Having been involved with covert work for the FBI in Virginia , I knew exactly how to spot someone wearing a bug.  When these wanabe Mata Hari’s clearly asked me my age so the tape recorder could pick it up,  I told them . . . 85  . . . and then reminded them that I was so ugly that farmers used my photos as scarecrows.  

That produced nothing so the rogue cops planted male students as cashiers – a tactic that ended quickly.  This is something consistent I have noticed about rogue cops in the Southeast.  They think that if you are not attracted to 18 year old female baits, presenting themselves as being 16, you must be gay.  It makes me suspect that a lot of perverts in Dixie enter law enforcement in order to conceal their perversions.

In 2014 the strategy shifted to manipulating my social environment in attempt to make me think that I was the only person in the State of Jawja, who was not a crazy, Nazi squatter.  “Oh woe is me Miss Scarlett . . .  I have no friends here because I don’t celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday!  Lordy mercy, the only way I am going to get me a bleached blond squatter woman is to act stupid and join the Party.”

When the state drastically liberalized concealed gun laws, the first impact was on a tourist from Texas. She was killed on a sidewalk in Helen, GA by a bullet from a misfired concealed pistol on a man from PICKENS COUNTY, who was sitting at a bar across the street. A state legislator from Pickens County had sponsored the bill. The word “librul” is only considered Christian in the United States these days, if it involves greater access to guns.

However, our local squatters decided to let me know that they’uns were carrying pistols too!  So whenever “somebody’s” computer screen or Smart Phone showed me making a trip into Dahlonega, all available squatters would rush to where I was shopping or pumping my gas to show that they’uns had guns.  This was particularly ludicrous when the same squatters were walking back and forth in front of me at Walmart, so I could see their little semi-automatic pistols from all sides.

Earlier this year, the squatters became concerned about preserving their Southern heritage.  Never mind that most of the mountain counties in Georgia were pro-Union. Most of their ancestors were either evaders from the Confederate draft, deserters, bushwhackers or Union soldiers. Georgia Mountain companies in the Confederate Army were so undependable and prone to desertion that they were intentionally placed long distances from home in non-combat assignments.

So for a period of a couple of weeks, whenever the dot that symbolized my car on the computer screen started moving, all available squatters raced to Dahlonega to show off their shirts and coats adorned with Confederate flags.  They would race up to be behind me at cash registers or stare at me grinning when I was pumping gas.

These people are so crazy that I don’t even understand what message they were trying to give.  All my great-great grandfathers were in the Confederate Army and served for the duration of the war. All either surrendered at Appomattox, VA or Greensboro, NC.   So what were these squatters trying to make me think?  All people in the United States like to wear Confederate flags on their clothes?

The latest “thang” over the past month is for the squatters to try to incapacitate my car.  They’re back to using the Electronic Pulse Weapons and also tried to get my car involved in a wreck.  They give themselves away because they stare at my car for several hundred yards in advance.  I have 20-5 vision.  This leads us to the key message of this essay.

Is this another Hurricane Maria?

I have given a lot of thought to understanding the motivations behind all these strange things done by the squatters.  Why would they not want me to have a working automobile?  

The squatters obey the orders of the Boss Hoggs blindly.   So what are the Boss Hoggs up to?   The Boss Hogg’s control their Baptist churches with big donations, but their boss is Satan.

Plugging in all the dependent and independent variables into a multiple regression equation comes out . . .   .   an attempted insurrection, while most of our armed forces are focused on the Pacific Ocean. My guess is that when in a few days, we will be manipulated into a Korean War . . . a war far more terrible than the ones in Iraq  and Afghanistan or even the original Korean War.  It will be an opportune time to declare “Southern Independence.” 

I might be wrong.  Let’s hope so.  However, may I remind you that long before the last presidential campaign, I warned you with personnel experiences about the dangerous, corrupting influences of the Russian Mafia in the Southern Highlands.  

I was proved correct.  A few months ago, federal law enforcement announced arrests of officials in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, plus a Cherokee tribal council member, who was also Assistant Director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  They were involved with the illegal issuance of student visas and permanent resident cards to large numbers of young people from the former Soviet Block.

Just stay vigilant in the coming days, look out for each other and don’t be surprised, if the current FBI task force finds that the Russian Mafia played a major role in deciding our last election.   The Russian Mafia practically owns Atlantic City and many of their top leaders live in Livingston, NJ . . . hometown of Jared Kushner, who is himself, first generation Russian American.

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