Saturday, October 21, 2017

Gargoyle' Encountered Near Zephyrhills

One thing poorly understood is that bat wings are way more effective than has been understood.  Their limitation may well be in temperature control  After all even a small wing span presents a natural glider wing.  That limits altitude.  Yet the pterodactyl likely spends much of its time deep in the sea where it pursues fish.

One of these reports essentially confirms the use of a gravity belt.  This cannot be natural and it supports my conjecture that we are looking at humans with a newly developed flying rig.

The natural gargoyle presents problems of its own as we lack an obvious evolutionary path for a six limb furry creature.  Now we have gravity control in the mix and extreme speed as well.  just what do these wings do.

The deer suggests blood feeding as we have seen elsewhere.  In this case there had to have been several around.

Again we have impressions and confusion and much may be in error here in terms of what the witness saw.  The apparent large segmentation presentation could actually be blood bladders for taking the blood back to its den and its young.

2nd 'Winged Gargoyle' Encountered Near Zephyrhills, Florida

Friday, October 06, 2017 
On September 22, 2017 I received a report of a winged gargoyle-like being encounter along a Florida road. There have been an increased number of sightings & encounters, similar to those in the Chicago area, that are surfacing nationwide.

I was contacted by AP who stated that a driver, who was filling him for him one night two weeks prior, encountered a winged being between his third and fourth stop near Zephyrhills (on Rt. 98 / US 301 at about 3:30PM). He said the driver saw this "thing" floating stationary about 15 feet off the ground next to a tree:

"As he got closer he realized it looked like a dark-colored humanoid in a cannonball position just floating in the air. Like frozen. He said by the time he asked himself "WTF is that?" The creature unraveled itself and it spread out its legs and giant bat-like wings. He didn't know what color the creature was but he said it was definitely a dark color and it had human-like legs. And he said at the same moment it spread its wings and legs it flew toward his truck at an unrealistic speed like a fighter jet. He said he almost crashed the truck in the ditch because it basically paralyzed him with fear. He said it happened so fast he didn't get a look at the face but he said it was probably between 5 and 6 feet tall and dark colored and it had human legs with bat wings. He also said that about a 1/2 mile before he saw the creature he saw a bunch of dead deer on the side of the road. Like piles of deer, 2 separate piles of at least four deer. He assumes it was eating them. The witness is a pretty soft-spoken dude and intelligent. The way he tells the story, I can tell it really freaked him out."

Following the link for further information.

Last night, I was once again contacted by AP with the following information:

"Hey Lon. This is AP. I spoke to you on the phone a couple weeks ago about how one of the drivers on my route saw the monster up in Zephyrhills, Florida. Well, I wanted to update you and tell you that I was off of work a couple nights ago and the guy who covered my shift,a different driver from the original email I sent you, also saw the creature. He texted me early in the morning and told me he was a believer now because he also saw the thing. His description was that it was tall like 6ft or so. He said it was dark gray and he also said that it had a big wingspan. Its body was very skinny and in segments like an ant. Thorax, abdomen, etc. He said it flew over the road from right to left. He said it flew so fast that it was hard to really make out what it definitively looked like. It was in the same area as well. But instead of on Rt. 98 it was on US 301 which is a road that 98 leads to. US 301 is a much longer and a darker road than Rt. 98. He also said that there were deer everywhere. So I'm starting to think that this thing eats deer. Also I'm starting to think that the full moon has something to do with this creature's activity. But obviously I'm just guessing. I'm driving out there right now, so if I see anything I will obviously update you again. Have a good day."

NOTE: I plan to talk to AP soon. I am asking anyone who is familiar with the area or who has seen something unusual, to please contact me. The Pasco County, Florida area is well-known for strange activity...I have documented several bizarre incidents over the years. Thanks. Lon

Friday, October 06, 2017 

6th 'Chicago Phantom' Sighting Reported in Little Village Neighborhood

The following account was forwarded to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse on October 6, 2017:

I was coming out of Dulcelandia (3253 W. 26th St. in Little Village) on Wednesday (October 4, 2017) with my husband and we looked up and saw what looked like a large black bat fly over us. It flew across the street and over some trees. From what we saw, it must have been at least six feet tall and had wings that must have been ten feet in width. It looked like it had bat wings as they looked like they were part of its arms. As it flew over it was making a very loud screaming sound and was flapping its wings as it flew over the trees. I tried to get a picture of it, but it was over the trees in seconds and gone. We walked down the block to see if maybe we could see it before turning around and heading back to our car.

We I saw a flyer at a restaurant that we visited the next day and took down the information, and submitted this report. You can reach us at (number omitted for privacy reasons) and ask for (name omitted for privacy reasons) we are willing to talk about what we saw.

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