Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sasquatch And A Crazy Friendly Experience

I do not have a text copy here but the report is remarkable.  Again a young sasquatch interacts with a young human.  The human shows how to skip rocks on water and gets a superb response, but even loses his own fear response.  It all ends when the parents of the sasquatch call the sasquatch youth back.  Again the young face is actually hiuman like and this supports the hybrid concept which is an important meme.

The big comment and it goes unremarked,  is that the Sasquatch communicated goodbye mind to mind.  We already know that this is true, but  this is a direct demonstration.  After all we are the only animals not using this talent, because we likely shut it off 45000 BP in order to advance our development at a much faster pace.

Do listen to this item.  It reassures me that actual working partnerships will be completely possible.   Whether they will sit down and also accept education is an open question..

Sasquatch, A New Book And A Crazy Freindly Experience

•15 Jun 2020

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