Saturday, June 13, 2020

Have You Seen The Chicago / Lake Michigan 'Mothman?'

This is unusual and also highly local.  What we have is over the past three years is a spat of over one hundred encounters that are actually also urban encounters as well.

The creature has been observed over the old northwest randomly for many years enough to establish hte phenomena.

What we seem to have here is a family of them who have literally urbanized just like a family of Raccoons and or Coyotes.  So now we see then often enough to give us ample reports.

Obviously a larger population has to exist and surely in the woodlands.  They fly handily and surely can harvest no end of jack rabbits for food.  On the other hand we have no notice of them raiding a farm for chickens.  That indicates they may turn out ot eat plants mostly.

At this point we do not know anything about them and all these reports may be about two to five  individuals.

Have You Seen The Chicago / Lake Michigan 'Mothman?'

Saturday, June 06, 2020

In the late Summer of 2011, reports of Mothman-like flying humanoids began to surface in the city of Chicago. After three brief sightings, there were no further accounts. Then unexpectedly in early 2017, a smattering of encounters emerged from different locations throughout the Chicago metro area; until the number reached near fifty sightings before the end of the Summer. The currently number of viable sightings reported has reached 105...and it continues. We are determined to find the truth.

Since October 2019, the majority of sightings / encounters have been reported at O'Hare International Airport and the surrounding communities. We need your help.

Have you had a sighting of a winged humanoid or huge bat-like creature in the Chicago, Illinois metro area and/or the Lake Michigan region? Please feel free to contact me at

or at 410-241-5974 - your anonymity and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters Interactive Map

Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity S

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