Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Destroying America will be the culmination of my lifes work - George Soros

I did not know that he ever made a statement like this.  (apparently he did not by the way - arclein) I did know that his extraction of billions from the British pound market was at best a full betrayal of trust.  Throw in his earliest history and he soon joins a short list of folks you are seriouly wary of and not in a good way.  I knew a few in the stock trading business as well, but all for small stakes thank god.

At least it is a clear expression of intent.

It happens to be the clear intent of Trump to save the American Republic.  

It is the intent of GOD to accomplish this as well, but to also extend the blessings of the RESTORED CONSTITUTION to the whole globe while resolving global poverty once and for all through the natural community and the RULE of TWELVE.

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Nobody escapes this.


Loss of narrative control.
You are the news now.

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