Tuesday, June 16, 2020

2020 Is Not 1962; How Ready Is India To Take On Chinese Aggression?

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The fact is that India is more than ready, but why bother?  China has four airfields up there at around 14,000 ft.  Thay means a low payload and at least two weeks of adjustment for ground crew and all that.  You start a fight with what you have and nothing else for at least two weeks.

For India, they are at a thousand feet on the plains with ample resupply in even aircraft.  Everything takes off fully loaded for a short hop over the mountains.  Thus they can bomb all Chinese assets at will and defend against any incusions rather simply.

It is also completely in India's capacity to build a competant road system over the mountains as well and to follow this up with deep tunnel systems that can move heavy freight into the Tibetan plateau.  all that then justifies deploying a million man expeditionary force into Tibet as liberators of both Tibet and the Uigars as well.

At the same time all China's people and resources are literally a thousand miles away and everyone will need acclimatization at least.

Sooner or later China is going to overplay this game.  India can simply slip a full heavy division up into those  mountains a month ahead of the usual Chinese incursion and then jump the incursion.  China would be unable to respond for two whole weeks.  The division would be able to brush aside the Chinese force and seize a great deal of land perhaps including an airfield.

At that point the Indians can sit on the position and force the Chinese to now negotiate the potential freedom of Tibet.  Again the strategic advantage stays with India as still under their air umbrella..

The CCP is now been stupid in its low level aggression.  They really need to stop.

2020 Is Not 1962; How Ready Is India To Take On Chinese Aggression?


•Premiered on 30 May 2020

Chinese ingress breaching the Line Of Actual Control (LAC) is a yearly phenomenon but this time the size of the PLA troops involved in the standoff is bigger in Ladakh. Amid conflicting media reports—some alleging invasion by the Chinese and others saying this is a seasonal occurrence—in this edition of 'Simply Nitin', StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale tells us why the ground realities are different this time around and how India now has the ability to protect its territorial integrity far more robustly along its Himalayan frontier.

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