Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Al Baydha project

I have been saying that this was possible on this blog since 2007.  This location is literally the worst possible locale to attempt all this and it is certainly woirking.

I would like to see prickly pear planted up on those hillsides.  Other desert plants from New Mexico should also be worked with.

meanwhile the water table will rise and ultimately produce a real oasis as well with lots of palm trees for shade.

The take home is that the west coastal slope of Arabia is prime agricultural land with a pretty basic investment.

The Story of Al Baydha: A Regenerative Agriculture in the Saudi Desert. قصة مشروع البيضاء


•2 Jun 2020

The final update from Al Baydha Project Co-founder Neal Spackman, 9 years in. How desertification resulted from the loss of an indigenous land management system, and how the land has changed since all inputs to the project were ceased in 2016. Neal moved on from Al Baydha in 2018 and can now be contacted at regenerativeresources.co Music by Faisal Alawi, and by Olafur Arnalds (performed by Voces 8). معلومات عن نتائج مشروع البيضاء و الزراعة المستدامة التي اسست في جبال ٥٠ كيلومتر جنوب مكه المكرمة موسيقة: فيصل علوي و الفور ارنالدز 

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