Monday, June 8, 2020

Global transition

As you may know, i  do monitor esotoric sources as a matter of course frrom various agencies.  Often what is said is not understood at all and it takes plenty of additional effort to properly interpret.  Yet all knowledge is gained in this manner.  We just  do not recognize the pattern.

Esoterics sources often point you in a valuable direction and history is replete with examples that were earthshaking.

What is completely remarkable here is that it spells out my central agenda in this Blog.  I have posted multiple times that global poverty is completely solvable.  The process of doing exactly that will lead directly to resolving environmental problems and also to global unity and the elimination of global confliuct through the application of what i describe as the Rule of Twelve.  That was directly inspired by the example of Yesua two thousand years ago and never really appreciated.

I completely concur with the position laid out here.  WE must  begin the long process of fully terraforming Terra while avoiding environmental destruction but certainly not avoiding sustainable change.  The role of life is to promote exactly that.  All that means a secure life way and natural peace.

We have a lot of work to do but it is vall possible.

We have been told by esoteric sources that humans are allowed into low space orbit but are not allowed off-planet. They will only be allowed off-planet when the crisis on the planetary surface is resolved. This means ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, and attaining world peace. This is something humanity could accomplish within months with the proper willpower. That’s why the negotiations between the Golden Dragon family and the Western powers are so important.

As usual, there is a lot happening that we cannot report for security reasons but, rest assured, the good guys are winning.

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