Wednesday, June 3, 2020

George Floyd’s autopsy

The narritive regarding floyd's death was been muddied.  This item sets it all straight.  By itself  it was unfortunate and there is plenty of bad training in evidence which also does not help.

What is particularly disturbing is the contrived insurection immediately launched by the so called radical left.  One wonders how they were so prescient.  Or could this have been all contrived?

what is certainly contrived is the faux rioting with agitators imported to the scene.  All this will trigger the final resolution of the Antifa operation.

The Cop did kill the man and failed to provide assistence.  How can this not be part of his training?  The moment the person was incapacitated, one should transition to care and maintenance and i am sure that the cuffs were quickly on as well.

 What were the cops thinking?  

Got this from another poster.

My take on On George Floyd’s autopsy:

The autopsy was legally accurate, he didn’t die of asphyxiation he died from heart issues, the brain has 4 major vessels supplying it, the left and right carotid, and the left and right vertebral arteries, and then there are 4 major vessels that bring the blood away, same names, only called veins, these four arteries are all connected in the brain and form what is called a circle of Willis. If one major vessel is blocked, the 3 other vessels will shunt some of the blood around in that loop and try to feed the brain where blood flow is missing. This is only hypothetical and sometimes doesn’t work, due to people’s health and other factors. It sometimes isn’t enough in those who are healthy. INDEED, if the mans carotid artery was occluded ( blocked ) his blood pressure would have to sky rocket to compensate and force the blood around the circle of Willis. This is what killed him. This is what happens when you occlude vessels. I see it in stroke patients all the time. Blood pressure 200 over 100 250 over 150. For over 8 minutes george’s carotid artery was blocked and it caused not only irreparable cardiovascular damage but also brain damage that most likely led to other organ failure. 
The legal difference between asphyxiation and the effect of artery occlusion is important, but the physiological effect is the samE .


The cop killed him

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