Monday, June 8, 2020

PET destruction

This is an important item.  Turns out that biological agents have quickly evolved in order to consume polyvinyl plastics.  These are those plastics we need to bottle water et all.  What we learned is also the mechanism.

The real take home is that all that plastic in the ocean will soon be completely cleaned up.

That happens to be wonderful news.  It will still take plenty of time to do this, but the direction is clear.  Yet even three decades or so is short enough in geological terms.

We still need to see waste management properly globalized.  Ours does not really make it into the ocean but it is a good bet that China is nasty a well as just about anywhere not fully developed.

The key point is that this plastic started off  as immune to bio degradation.  Thay was a mere forty years ago.  Now we know how to develope innoculations vhtat work.

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